Nov 16 2019 Winter In Florida * Clubbing at Home * PicsCategory: General     10:00AM   0

Hi Darlings,

It's only 61, gray and damp today.  We're going to struggle to reach 65.  I know, I'll stop complaining because I know how cold it is in the rest of the country.  I get a weather report from Alexx each day.   It's not going above freezing in Albany today.

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Nov 10 2019 Happy Sunday! It's Beautiful Here In Florida. Pics.Category: General     10:20AM   0

Good Morning My Darlings,

It was in the low sixties this morning.  Currently 79 with the humidity at 47%.  November through May is my favorite time in Florida.  Some of my neighbors and folks at the gym were cold.  Those who live here year round.  It happens!

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Nov 6 2019 It's Always Summer in Florida * Book Your Flights Soon! * Pic....of course.Category: General     08:17AM   0

Hello My Naughty Friends,

Well, it's a bit cooler but a lot warmer then what you folks up north are going to be experiencing this weekend. It was 74 this morning with only a high of 86 today because it's overcast.

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Oct 30 2019 Happy Halloween. A Bit of a Vacay! See You Next Monday and Going Forward * PicsCategory: General     07:06AM   0

Hello My Naughty Friends,

It was 77 this morning, 96% humidity and heading toward 90.  Hopefully, this unseasonal heat is going to mediate this weekend.   Summer has gone on way longer than usual this year in Florida.  

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Oct 26 2019 75 On the Patio for Coffee * Another Day Nekkid * Come Have Fun in Florida! PicsCategory: General     07:28AM   0

Hi My Darlings,

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Oct 23 2019 Fetishes, Domination, Kinks AND Kisses * You Can Have It All * New PicsCategory: General     09:52AM   0

Good Late Morning Peeps,

It's cooler and drier today but forecasted to be short lived.  Tomorrow the heat and high humidity returns.  I'm enjoying today while I can and I sat on my patio for my quiet time in comfort.  Lovely!

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Oct 19 2019 Back Home * Tropical Storm Nestor * New Addition to the Playroom * PicsCategory: General     08:47AM   0

Good Morning My Naughty Boys,

We have a lull in the rain right now.  It poured all night and morning and as I opened my phone upon awakening I saw a tornado warning. Apparently we had them all night long.  I slept through it all.

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Oct 16 2019 Hello From Houston * Perfect Weather for Curly Hair * Pics!Category: General     08:04AM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It's gray, drizzling, 73 and 96% humidity in Houston.  We chose a Bed and Breakfast for the shoot that had an enclosed patio and a pool.   I doubt we'll be out there if it's raining.  But Tina says if it's not we can always light it.  

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Oct 9 2019 Getting Ready for the Houston Photo Shoot * Kinky Skype and More * Pics of Course! 66KCategory: General     02:16PM   0

Good Saturday Morning My Friends,

The weather report here is a bit cooler, still humid so  I doubt I'll be wearing my hair straight soon.  It's going to be a good ten degrees cooler then the first week I arrived.  Very welcome for my part. 

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Oct 5 2019 Another Day In Paradise * Lunch at A Nudie Resort * Skype Naughtiness * James Bond Day! PicsCategory: General     02:33PM   0

Hello My Friends,

It was a tad cooler this morning and it's ONLY 89 now.  It's starting to inch down a degree each week.  Better then the frost on my sweetheart's patio this morning.  It got the mums I bought for him in August. (There's a method to my madness.) 

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Oct 2 2019 Hump Day and I'm Ready to Do So * SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE THIS AFTERNOON 2-7PM * PicsCategory: General     07:13AM   0

Morning Peeps!

It was a soggy 74 when I had coffee on the patio this morning.   The dew point is always high before the sun burns some of the humidity out of the air.

What's on the agenda today?  Gym and weight training this morning and then I'll be available  online at Skype from 2-7pm today.    Until 10pm is available  if you plan in advance.

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Sep 29 2019 A Day Late and A Dollar Short * Hot and Sexy in Tampa! PicsCategory: General     09:53AM   0

Good Almost Noon Peeps,

It's Sunday and I don't know where my mind was yesterday.  I skipped the new moon ritual last evening and went to bed early. But this morning after coffee and quiet time I accomplished it.  My beau is out of town so it wasn't possible to do it together.

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Sep 25 2019 Hello Fall * Only 90 This Week * New Nails, 63.7K Followers at Twitter * PicsCategory: General     06:09AM   0

Good Morning My Sexy Friends,

It's a bit cooler in the's been 70 to 73 on the little patio.  I think my blood is thinning out quickly as I donned a silk robe for my morning coffee.  I've never been one who considered the cold invigorating and bracing.  Just freakin' cold!

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Sep 21 2019 I've Turned the Corner * Business is Back! PicCategory: General     02:41PM   0

Hi My Darling Boys,

It's been cooler and lovely the past few days.  Yesterday especially.  Lower eighties instead of ninties.  That high heat takes your breath away.  Still....better then frost in the Adirondack Moutains.

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Sep 18 2019 Summer Still in the South * Ms. Organization * Waiting for Tampa to Show Up. Twitter 62.8K * PicsCategory: General     03:32PM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It cooled down a bit today.  Only 92.  It was a cool 72 on the patio for coffee this a m.  While I'm thinking I miscalculated on my timing coming down I'm reminded that there are no mistakes.  Just lessons to be learned.  

The slow biz has allowed me to completely reorganize my place.   Stuff has been tossed or gone to the Salvation Army.  My storage unit is next! 

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