Jul 11 2020 July 11th HOT and Humid in Albany * In More Ways Then One * Figuring Out The Furniture Dilemma * PicsCategory: General     01:33PM   0

Hello My Naughty Friends,

It's a typical July summer day here in Upstate NY.  88 Degrees and 57% humidity.  I had a lovely walk this morning, early, before it heated up.  With a nice breeze, the higher morning humidity was bearable.  I'm sitting at my dining room table/desk watching the piggy little house finches at my feeder.

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Jul 8 2020 Beautiful Day in Upstate NY * Rounding Things Up Here. Pics.Category: General     12:15PM   0

Good Wednesday Afternoon My Naughty Boys,

It's 80 and 73% humidity.  Those numbers combined make it uncomfortable to walk but today's a yoga day anyway.  

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Jul 4 2020 Happy Birthday America! Please Be Safe On The Fourth! * Pics.....of course!Category: General     08:40AM   0

Happy Fourth of July Morning,

It's a sunny 89 with 36% humidity.  A beautiful sunny day.

I've been wearing my hair straight the last couple of days and it's a challenge.  The complex in which I reside in Albany was built in the 70's and I'm sure they gave no thought to putting a waterproof barrier down before they poured the first floor.

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Jul 1 2020 Wednesday July 1st. The Summer Is Whizzing By! PicsCategory: General     08:50AM   0

Good Morning My Friends,

It's 71 this morning but the humidity is 73%.  While the sun is out now rain might move in by noon.  No more coffee on my patio as all the furniture has been sold.  My computer is on my dining room table and there's a great view of the beautiful woods outside and my feeders however.   

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Jun 28 2020 June Is Almost Gone. Rainy, Dreary Day Outside But It's Good Inside. 130K Milestone at Twitter * PicCategory: General     02:20PM   0

Hello My Friends,

We're supposed to be feeling the affects of the Sahara dust cloub but it's raining so the air quality is ok.

Yes, I know I missed yesterday's update but it was one of those crazy kind of days.  I'm trying to put together the steps for renting the new apartment and there was some miscommunication.  After that was straightened out it was time for a playtime/dinner date with an old friend.  We had a great time!

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Jun 24 2020 Life is An Adventure * Staying Positive During Challenging Times * PicsCategory: General     09:12AM   0

Hello My Sexy Boys,

It had rained last evening so I awakened to dark and muggy this morning. But the sun is coming out and it will be warm.  It's 82 right now and 53%  humidity.  I should be going for a walk but the morning duties have taken over.  Maybe later.  I've been faithful to yoga and keto but I need to walk more.

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Jun 20 2020 Mercury Is In Retrograde For Sure * What An Odd but Good Week! PicCategory: General     04:13PM   0

Hello My Friends,

It's starting to warm and mug up here.  I forego the walk with it being 90 and high humidity.  It's hard to breathe in that Florida like soup.

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Jun 17 2020 Anticipating Some Fun Next Week * June 22nd! * PicsCategory: General     12:22PM   0

Hello Peeps,

It's been absolutely perfect weather the last two days.  In the low 80's in the afternoon with low humidity.  The slider is open with the screen in place.  Perfect.

Yesterday I saw a female hummingbird at that feeder.  That was a biggie for me.

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Jun 13 2020 You Make Your Plans and Then Life Happens * A Week of Unexpected Adventures? Challenges? PicsCategory: General     03:19PM   0

Hello My Friends,

It's chilly here today.  I actually turned the heat on.  I went to get my covid test and wound up having to pay for an antibody test which wasn't what I wanted at all.  Now, I have to get a Dr. referral for a Covid-19 test.  Bad info all the way around.

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Jun 11 2020 Good News for a Change! * And a Favor to Ask. Pics!Category: General     02:05PM   0

Hi My Friends,

I'm settling in Albany and after a night of rain and a very soggy morning the sun is out and it's lovely.  Now that I've decided to stay until July 31st I stopped at Home Depot and bought a couple of hanging plants for my patio.  It's usually a paradise but there's no time to plant.  I'll give them to my sister when I leave and it will bring pleasure to me when I sit on my little patio these next few weeks.

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Jun 10 2020 Albany I'm Here * Guidelines for Safe Sex from NY State (Please Read) * Back in the Saddle June 22 * PicsCategory: General     11:05AM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

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Jun 6 2020 Oh What a Week! Safe Behind the Gate but Heading North Monday * PicsCategory: General     08:35AM   0

Good Morning Naughty Boys

It's raining...again here in Land O Lakes and will continue to do so all day and evening.  There's a tropical depression in the gulf but it's not heading our way.  The rain is.  The temperature this morning is actually lower then Albany, NY, where I'm heading Monday.

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Jun 3 2020 It Doesn't Cost A Thing To Be Kind * Nor To Distract You! PicsCategory: General     07:50AM   0

Good Morning My Friends,

It's 79 right now in Land O Lakes, overcast, with rain predicted this afternoon.  Florida this time of year.  We've already had 3 named hurricanes but none headed our way.

I've been very busy with sessions.   Of course, there's nothing I'd like better then real time. But for now, it's safe and fun!

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May 30 2020 A Week To Forget * Rising Above the Chaos * PicsCategory: General     09:58AM   0

Good Morning My Lovely Friends,

It was beautiful on my patio this morning.  I sat naked, drinking coffee, listening to the birds, overlooking our little pond and the low wet forest across from me.  Peaceful and serene.  

Totally unlike this week in America.  Surpassing the 100K number of covid deaths, the shocking murder of a black man in Minneapolis and riots and chaos in our streets.  

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May 27 2020 Living in the Time of Covid-19 * Twitter is Booming * Albany June 8th. PicsCategory: General     06:51AM   0

Good Morning My Darling Boys and Some Girls,

Yes, I know there are a few women who read this journal. Thank you!

My eyes popped open at 7 am today.  More proof that my body has recovered from the kidney stone and accompanying UTI.  Yeay me!

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