Jan 29 2020 51 This Morning in Land O Lakes * 17 in Albany* Dump EROS!! * PicCategory: General     10:22AM   0

Hello Peeps,

Just a quickie update as I don't have anything new and exciting to report.  As the header said, 51 this morning, but with my fuzzy, warm bathrobe it was fine to sit on my patio and do my gratitude list.  High of 72 today.  Perfect!

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Jan 25 2020 Our Florida Winter is Over. * No Heat, No air. * PicCategory: General     02:08PM   0

Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 69 with 41% humidity this afternoon.  We had a couple of cold days this week.  There were all kinds of funny tweets about watching out for falling iguanas.  Or "iguana drop."

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Jan 22 2020 It's COLD in Land O Lakes * 35 * SOMEBODY Keep Me Warm! * PicCategory: General     08:31AM   0

Good Morning Peeps,

Yesterday.  (Yeah, I know,  I'm getting bad.) 

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Jan 18 2020 Sunny and Nice * Not Missing the Bitter Cold and Snow * PicCategory: General     07:47AM   0

Hello Sweeties,

My eyes popped open at 6am today.  I tried to return to sleep but to no avail.  But I can't seem to get going this morning.  I think a trip to the gym might help. It can't hurt.  It's going to be in the mid to high seventies this afternoon.

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Jan 12 2020 Where Did the Week Go? * Beautiful Day in Florida * PICS!Category: General     09:29AM   0

Hello Peeps,

I've been amiss in posting.  No excuse outside of other activities going on. This morning is beautiful.  Now 75 with a high of 81 today.  I'll include Sunday update that I didn't update. 

Sunday the 12th.

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Jan 4 2020 Saturday January 5th * A VERY Good Week! * 84K followers on Twitter now. Pic.....of course!Category: General     03:58PM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It was a monsoon day today.   Mid-morning the heavens opened and it poured for a long time.  It's been cooler and gray ever since.  67 right now.  Yeah.....I know...some of you would kill for 67 right now.  This week upcoming looks beautiful.

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Jan 1 2020 Happy 2020 to All My Friends * Pics * Tip: Try www.Slixa.com this year! Classy and Service Oriented. I LOVE IT!Category: General     02:53PM   0

Hello My Bad Boys,

It's an absolutely gorgeous day here in Land O Lakes, FL.  71 right now and 33% humidity.

I did the final clean of the big side of my apartment yesterday and wound up with another pile in the studio.  After  another trip to my storage room I'm really pleased with how it looks and functions.   Romance, naughtiness and fetishes will abound.  You pick and choose your fantasies. 

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Dec 28 2019 2019 is Ending * One Last Weekend to Play Before 2020 * PicsCategory: General     07:17AM   0

Good Morning Peeps,

Saturday the 28th.

It was 71 when I awakened.   It's going to stay cloudy and gray most of the day with showers arriving this afternoon.  I feel badly for those who had traveled to Florida in need of some sun time and a tan.  It will be close to 80 this afternoon and humid.  Any thoughts I'd entertained about wearing my hair straight are out the window.

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Dec 25 2019 Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Pic!Category: General     06:31AM   0

Good Christmas Morning Luvs,

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Dec 22 2019 Hi Baby Dolls! Warm Weather and FUN In Tampa! * Pics Of Course!Category: General     12:49PM   0

Hello Luvs,

I know, I know...I've been lazy with updates this week.  After Tuesday's debacle getting home in a snow storm and terrible weather all the way south I was BEAT that evening.  I had someone waiting to play but I just could not.  You know I had to be pooped to pass up a playtime.

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Dec 11 2019 I Have Five More Days to Play in Albany * PicCategory: General     04:16PM   0

Hello Darlings,

It's 16 at my playroom and heading to 30 later.  But the sun finally came out yesterday and most of the snow of last week is gone after two days of warmer air and rain.

Now it's starting to look yukky.  Luckily,  I was able to enjoy the first big snow last week.  Just lovely.

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Dec 7 2019 Let It Snow! And By Goodness It Did! PicsCategory: General     09:13AM   0

Hello My Naughty Boys,

It's about 28 in Albany, sunny and crisp this morning.  I'm about 50 minutes north of my incall so it's at least 3 degrees colder.  The view of the Adirondack Mountains this morning is lovely.

Albany had 22.6 inches of snow, ending late Monday night/Tuesday morning. Some places had more. 

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Nov 30 2019 HTTP:// TO HTTPS:// The Joys of the Internet * PicsCategory: General     06:51AM   0

Good Morning Naughty Boys,


It's 58 this morning with the temps heading to high seventies today.  Perfect, beautiful weather IMHO.  Tomorrow and Monday 9 -12 inches of snow will descend upon the Albany area.   My timing is impeccable isn't it?

Happiness does not depend upon the weather thankfully. I'm looking forward to my time in Albany.  Good or bad weather.

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Nov 27 2019 Happy Thanksgiving * Party Time Tonight! Thanksgiving EVE! * Pic Category: General     09:03AM   0

Hello Naughty Boys,

Yes, it's still cooler in the morning, 55,  69 now with a high of 76.  Thanksgiving is supposed to 81.  Perfect for Florida.

I do hope you've given some thought to a Florida escape this winter.  Preferrably Tampa Bay but I do visit folks on the other coast if you book multiple hours, etc.  Something to consider.

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Nov 20 2019 You Don't Know What You Have Until You Don't Have It! SelfieCategory: General     07:27AM   0

Good Morning My Boys,

It's 58 this morning, sunny, clear with a high of 80 this afternoon.   I know,  folks heading to Florida on vacay expect warmer temps but I think it's perfect.  No heat, no air, sliders and windows open.  My patios are screened.

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