May 23 2020 Enjoy and Remember This Memorial Weekend! * Albany Timetable * PicsCategory: General     07:06AM   0

Good Morning My Naughty Boys,

It's 78 right now in Land O Lakes, partly cloudy and heading to 92 today.  Thursday afternoon the skies opened up and the ensuing downpour flooded both my patios.  I'm on the 4th floor.  What?  Yes, there's inadequate drainage and on top of that the dirt from the roof comes with it.  I swept the water out on the smaller one yesterday and did the bigger this morning.  

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May 20 2020 It's Really Summer in Florida Now! * Back in the Closet Rummaging Around * PicsCategory: General     09:32AM   0

Hello My Friends and Occasional Lovers,

I slept in this morning but after a night of awful dreams I was glad to awaken.  Sure as shooting the nutters were ready and waiting to whisper what was wrong with me.  Before sleep and upon awakening.  I pooh pooh and banish them.  Actually it's your ego.  It does not like change and we've all had plenty of it these past two and a half months.  

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May 16 2020 It's Cookie Baking Day * Gyms Open Monday * Pics...of Course!Category: General     10:17AM   0

Hello My Naughty Boys,

First things first.  I'm feeling great, back to normal.  A few days left of antibiotics but otherwise things are really good.

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May 14 2020 A Day Late * The Closet Series is Over * Last Pics for it. Category: General     09:47AM   0

Hello My Friends,

It's gorgeous again in Florida.  Perfect weather. The state is gradually opening up.  I'm going to my dermatologist's today and tomorrow getting my hair done.  I admit...I'm nervous about the hair salon but I know we'll all be masked and careful.  At some point, life has to go one with changes to our regular and daily practices to living it.  Still...I'm going to continue to stay in.  

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May 9 2020 Saturday Update and Day 48 of the New Normal. You Tube New Content! Pics!Category: General     09:25AM   0

Good Saturday Morning Peeps,

It''s slightly overcast, pleasant, 82 and only going up a few more degrees this afternoon. 73% humidity.  Low for May.  I'll take it!

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May 8 2020 Day 47 * Grey Sequined Baby Doll * See the Video at My Twitter Page * Annekenordstrum * PicsCategory: General     01:08PM   0

Good Afternoon,

It's still a beautiful day in Florida. 

Why did I write my Twitter name up top.  I suspect many of you log on here....go straight to the bottom of the page for the pics and then sign out.

What? want me to read something?  All of us girls know that most of you don't.

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May 8 2020 My Bad * Forgot to Upload Pics from Day 46 * Be Nice!Category: General     06:43AM   0

Good Morning Peeps,

It was 59 here in Florida when I awoke.  But it's going to be in the 70's this afternoon.  Beautiful weather.

The video is on Twitter....shorter then YouTube but much less hassle to upload.  It's about us getting it together and not losing it.  Of course in a skimpy top.  Below.

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May 6 2020 Florida IS Open for Biz But I am Not * Day 45 Of Raiding the Closet Series * PicsCategory: General     05:34PM   0

Hello My Friends,

It's been a gorgeous day here in Florida.  May usually exhibits high heat and higher humidty but it has not appeared yet.  Why I try and leave the end of April for Albany.  But this year, Covid-19 has changed all our plans and our lives.

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May 5 2020 Raiding the Closet Days 43 and 44 * Videos at Twitter NowCategory: General     03:25PM   0

Hi Peeps,

Since I cannot add more to my Raiding the Closet Series on You Tube you can now find a shorter version at my Twitter page.  Annekenordstrum    Doing a search for Anneke Van Buren will also take you there.

Here's yesterday's and today's offerings.  My internet was out for almost a day so sorry for the Day 43 delay.

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May 2 2020 May 2nd * Florida Starts To Reopen Monday * Locked On You Tube * 117K Twitter * Roller Coaster Ride Day * PicsCategory: General     02:13PM   0

Hello My Friends,

It is an absolute glorious day here in Florida.  62 upon arising.  Mid 80's now with 32% humidity. Rare and wonderful.

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Apr 29 2020 So....It's Wednesday the 29th of April at 8pm. Time Seems to Mean Little These Days. PicsCategory: General     05:57PM   0

Hello My Sexy Friends,

We've had perfect  weather this week.  Not too hot or humid.  I actually took a walk yesterday morning and still came back with straight hair.  Today...I waited until almost 5pm to do an intermediate yoga session.  Triangle poses which are so hard for me.

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Apr 22 2020 New Moon Tonight! Creating What We Want * Shadow Banned Again! DOUBLE Post! Pics Category: General     06:07PM   0

Hi Boys,


Sorry.....I wrote this and then set it aside and forgot it.  You get two for one today. 

It's Wednesday evening and the day just slipped away.  It's beautiful weather but I really haven't been out the door.  Tomorrow, that has to change. 

The good news is I was busier with Skype, Facetime, emails, filming and taking pics.  For here and mostly Twitter.

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Apr 18 2020 The Weekend is Here? It's Hard to Tell These Days * PicsCategory: General     06:28AM   0

Good Saturday Morning My Friends,

I'm trying to get back on track with my updates here.  The days seems to be whizzing by even though we're not doing a lot.  That is those of us who are unemployed.  Thankfully, I'm not in a total jobless state.

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Apr 16 2020 Thirty Plus Days and Hanging In There * Almost 15K * Category: General     08:48AM   0

Good Morning My Boys,

It's 65 this morning in Land O Lakes.  Rainy, gray and cooler. We really need the rain so it's okay. Although it seems a little difficult to get moving today.

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Apr 12 2020 Happy Easter and A Blessed Passover * Keeping the Faith During This Challenging Time * PicsCategory: General     09:46AM   0

Hello My Darlings,

It's Sunday.  Yesterday's update just got away from me.  No excuse, just a little malaise that settled and has dissipated today.  The last two days were quiet but that has always been the case during these holy days.

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