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Hello Boys,

An  update, just to share a pic with you mostly.   Not a bad day.  Sunny and crisp.

I had my nails done and a pedicure this morning. They are a very soft pink with a pinkish gold glitter.  Toes too. I then brought my car in to a Sear's to have the tires rotated and everything checked out before I leave.  They left the tires as they were.....the front tires had more tread than the rear.  It's a front wheel drive.

I headed home to prepare for a new playmate.  He's a newbie and was nervous.  I always try to put my friends at ease and he remarked YOU don't seem nervous.  I said, "I'm not, once someone is screened and I know they are a nice guy, not a jerk nor a guy in blue I'm at ease."  Once I get past that hurdle I'm fine.

I'm a sexual creature. Truly.  Oh, a lot of girls in the biz brag that they are but it's all a matter of perspective.  Not all, but a lot of them are playing a role.   Especially the really young ones.  Yes, that's a generalization but if you've got a drug habit you know it's true.  YOU are paying for their next fix.  Get in, get off, get out! 

There are lots gals that are way crazier than me....as in Bebedoll of Chicago.  No one could out do her.  Google her.  Me.....sex is as natural as breathing.  I  probably have the libido of a guy.  I think that's what separates vanilla women from providers.  They just aren't horny or thinking about sex all the time.  We have more testosterone.  That's just my theory.

Before I was a  provider I was a big time swinger.  I was on AFF, SDC dating sites and others.  You name it.  And my apartments or little house in South Tampa looked like it had a revolving door of hotties coming in and out.  The neighbors all found it hilarious and kidded me about it.  One guy worked hard to try and "save me."   He didn't get that I already was.  Until I decided to turn pro.  Then the neighbors wouldn't speak to me .  It was okay and acceptable to be a slut as long as I didn't get paid for the time I was one.

Oh well.  I moved to an apartment complex that was close to the Tampa airport and gated.  And huge.  So no one knew where anyone was coming and going.  It was a great location and I miss that ease of finding me when I'm down there.  I'm off the beaten path now but it's okay.  What you want or need from life changes.  It's all good.

Back to being sexual....my new friend was amazed that we were sitting and talking about sex, threesomes, fetishes, etc in such an ordinary way.  He said and I forget this, "You are used to this life and it's natural for you."  And you know what?  He's right.  I can't imagine not being a lusty woman with a penchant for erotic encounters.   And pushing the envelope of what is acceptable in the so called NORMAL world.  Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass what people think about who I am, what I do OR how I look or dress for my age.  Women my age, only a few years ago were not supposed to have  younger men as lovers,  look hot, wear their hair long or dress sexy.  Thank heaven that has changed!  And I got to be on the leading edge of all of that. 

Partly because I was already a lifestyle person.  But mostly because I left the ball and chain in my fifties and promptly ran amuk dating young men.  Because I could.  Do I now?  Not so much as I hardly date  but I do have many friends who are young, younger and young at heart.

It's a freakin' beautiful thing having so many wonderful lovers and friends from all over the world.   And now, I'm heading right into a community of like minded people.  THAT is a really beautiful thing. 

I can't wait to get going Sunday but my heart is torn.  I have made so many wonderful friends in this business here in Albany.  I really have been blessed and I am going to miss you.  I mean that!  I am.  So if you see me back here sooner than planned you'll understand why.   I kind of have the best of both worlds.  You all are an important part of both.

Here's a selfie of me tonight waiting on my new friend.  He was certain he wasn't going to be to  achieve what he wanted because he was so nervous.  Well,  he didn't know who was waiting on the other side of my door did he? devil  Mission accomplished and he left with a big smile on his face.  And best of all......I have a new friend.

Life is good!  I hope you're not getting sick of my frequent posts.  I'll keep you updated on my shenanigans on the road.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,




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