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Hello Darlings,

It's an absolutely gorgeous day, after a beautiful weekend here in DC.  I took a walk last evening before dinner.  I'm only a few blocks from the White House.  Pics below.

I hit the ground running here Saturday after a LONG drive from Raleigh. I was doing well until 30 miles out from downtown DC.  The last leg took 90 minutes.  Incredible on a Saturday afternoon.  Once I got into the city I could see why. Jammed packed with tourists.

My first victim...oops, friend, lol, was a very young man who had cancelled last minute the last time I was here.  He made up for his youngness this time.  Sweet, sweet guy.

After I had dinner at Catch15,  so so, I retired to watch Poirot. 

Yesterday was great too and especially a new friend who looks like the Helmsworth brothers.  You know...Thor, Chris Helmsworth and Miley Cyrus's on and off again fiancee, Liam.  Not lying. Very sweet guy, great lover and I had the first thunder boomer in a long while.  I'd like to keep this one. 

After, I took a walk down to the White House.  It was a gorgeous summer evening and O'Bama did not ask me in for tea so I headed back for dinner.  Along the way I saw a couple trying to take a selfie of themselves with the White House in the background.  I asked them if they've like to me to take a picture of them.  They smiled and said, "oh yes!"  So I did and as I walked away it registered that she was covered up as Muslim women are.  And I hadn't even noticed. I smiled.  It was a good thing.  As I looked around at all the different folks a little tear came to my eye, thinking THIS is exactly what America is all about.  Inclusive and accepting.

I walked on to take a shot of Lafayette's statue and they came by again and asked if he could take a picture of me with her. The man said this is my mother and I asked where are you from.  "Egypt." she replied and said proudly, "This is my son and he is a doctor here."  I complimented her on her beautiful outfit and put my arm around her for the picture.  And said, "welcome."  But as I walked away I was fighting back the tears.  Why?  Because this is the way the world is supposed to be.  Not hateful as some now urge us to be. 

Perhaps if they knew what I did for a living they might not have asked me to be in the photograph but I don't know that.  At that moment, we were just three human beings making a connection in the world.

I went  on to dinner at P.J. Clark's where I'd also had lunch earlier. Great food.   HIGH prices for an Irish bar but it's DC.  I don't know how folks can afford to live in big cities any more.  It's outrageous! But this sure is a beautiful, classy place.

Very full day today, quick lunch, squeeze in some more naughtiness and a cocktail at the St. Regis.  I saw Chuck Hagle coming in as I was leaving. 

Only one Manhattan.  Two would be the national debt so I went to Catch again for their Happy Hour which was acceptable and inexpensive.  Sometimes being a food snob costs dearly.  I'm thinking that when I go home I'm going to start cooking more.  It's been my habit to go out for lunch and have dinner in most nights.  I do it mostly for socialization.  But MY cuisine is as good or better than most restaurants and I'm thinking it might be a smart thing to do. Especially if I want to keep the calories down.  What I do about the socialization is another thing. 

My last "friend" tonight wanted to film our session.  I'd said okay.  I didn't realize he was going to have a camera phone light in my face and his notepad filming too.  It was about as intimate and romantic as going to the dentist.  Finally I said, "turn the light off on the phone. I'll put the bright light bulbs in."   He was a nice guy but it wasn't fun.  Hopefully, he'll forget my bitchy mood when he watches the films.  We did it ALL for the camera. 

Tonight,,,,more Poirot and early to bed.  I want to get up, get packed and leave an outfit out in case someone wants to visit.  If not, I can hightail it home.  It's time!  I'm ready for my own bed, my own pillow and my Albany men!

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend and Goddess,


DC                                             My outfit for filming


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