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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's typical Florida weather today.  90 now. 51% humidity, chance of showers 20%.  I can sit outside on the patio nekkid, warm as can be.

We are having a flag ceremony at 12pm but I have a new friend arriving at 1 so I want to be perfectly put together.  I had my own sort of memorial last evening at karaoke.  One gentleman sang Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA" with such heartfelt conviction it brought the house down.  In fact, the whole evening was like that.

Moi? Ms. Karaoke snob?  After my last trip I decided that instead of deriding some of the awful stuff I should put my money where my mouth was and sing myself.  I haven't yet this trip as I have no clue what I'd want to do and the "pipes" are still rusty.  However, my attitude adjustment has enabled me to thoroughly enjoy these evenings with friends who do have the guts to stand up.  Many of them have real talent and a natural ability to entertain.  Isn't it amazing what a little "shift" in attitude can do to bring more happiness to your life?

Since I decided I  will get older with all of the rest of us who are here and will enjoy being in the midst of that I am as content and happy as can be.  And I've met even more new friends.  I find it astounding how sending out postive energy and vibrations brings back even more good stuff.

It's been quiet biz wise. A few visits and maybe a couple more before I head back.  But no worries.  It's allowed me to rest, reflect, read, meditate, do some fun stuff and enjoy my time here.  My cutie patootie drove up Thursday and we had ourselves a very hot time.  Now that the new hormone implant is kicking in I'm at that stage of "lock up your men" again.  I might have killed him if that had happened on Thursday.  But he's 30 so I know he could handle it.  

He has graciously offered to help me with the move.  I'm heading back down again in August when the apartment becomes available.  I have to sell the furniture in it and paint, in preparation for the real move in September.  Tampa handy men....any help you'd like to offer would be greatly appreciated!  I, of course, would be very grateful in a very naughty way.  How about a gang bang painting party?  Just kidding....or AM I?

So...yesterday, cloudy, hot and itchy for some retail therapy I headed to the furniture store.  I have been looking for a French iron canopy bed. Without success.  Oh I've found them but they were $3,000.  I walked into the store and this dream of a young sales woman greeted me.  Gentlemen...I KNOW you would have had an instant hard on.  Swedish, tall, blonde, the biggest blue eyes and the face of an angel.  With a personality to match.  The sterotypical idea of what a Swedish blonde should look like.  

I told her I was looking for a French bed and a glass topped round dining table.  She pointed out the different areas set up in particular design styles and off I went.  She let me wander.  Smart girl.  When I rounded the corner to the Casual European area I saw IT.  There was my French iron canopy bed.  As I made a beeline she rounded the other corner.  I said excitedly and pointed, "THIS is it!"  And then I looked at the price.  I couldn't believe it.  Less than $500.  Well, you know I snapped it up and they are holding it for me until the August trip.  

Unfortunately the mattress doesn't arrive until September so we'll have to wait to test drive it.  I'll have another bed to romp upon.  King sized.

I am manifesting a Smooth Move in my daily journal.  I'm going to enjoy every single minute in the lovely Northeast this summer, the track at Saratoga and fun with my great guys there.  But I'm also excited for this new adventure.

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girfriend and Goddess,


THE Bed; note all the places to tie ropes, hook up chains and restraints. devil




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