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Happy Fourth of July Weekend My Darling Boys,

It was absolutely gorgeous when I stepped out of the Albany terminal this afternoon.  Dry, sunny and 75 degrees.  The 19 mph winds we could have done without the last few miles.  Ugh!  Of course they were gusting higher as we descended and I wondered if the plane was going to blow off the runway.  

That must have been the cold front Chicago experienced yesterday.  Chilly and windy.  

I had a nice visit to Chicagoland.  Except my tummy didn't enjoy it much.  I just didn't feel well most of the time and it was accompanied by tiredness.   The bigger problem is I want to eat every carbohydrate in sight when I'm tired and I'm off. Fresh fruits and veggies, salads are a no no.   So tonight, it's grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  Tomorrow back to protein and cooked veggies.  I'll look like a blimp if I keep eating carbs.

Pre-bookings cancelled but thankfully not all.  And of course Chicago you know who called.  Then everyone else waited until Friday evening to decide they wanted to see me.  Once again, last minute don't want to give you any  information. Plus, I just was NOT in the mood.  And YOU deserve better than that from your girlfriend with no strings.

One really great plus was my reunion with Diamond Jim.  We got a lot of really great content and you'll be seeing those updates over the next few weeks at my clip store.  For members here...he's going to put together a little compilation of the whole shoot.  Sort of a "trailer."  I'm sure you'll love it.  

The other good news for me is that he's going to be Chicago based from now on.  No more on the road out of town trucking.  So I have my webmaster back for porn!  I can't tell you how thrilled I am.   I think I can even talk he and his wife to come visit me in Florida to shoot. I have no ambitions of becoming famous for granny porn.  We'll film often enough to keep you interested and let you know that I'm not dead yet.  (Smiles)  

WOULD YOU TAKE A MOMENT AND ANSWER THIS?  What would you like me to film next time?  girl/girl, girl/guy, mfm,  solo, fetish, domination?  annekepleasures@gmail.com  The shoot with the young hottie is postponed but we will definitely reschedule. 

And while I didn't have a lot of visitors this week I had great ones.  One new friend brought me a toy called The Womanizer.  It's like a little vibrating section cup for the clitoris.  I road tested it yesterday afternoon and am very happy to say that's it's terrific!  It's a different kind of orgasm....intense in a different way.  Impossible to describe but it sure was fun. Works on nipples too.  Mine AND yours!  

Then yesterday morning, my ATF took me to breakfast and we made love for a couple more hours.  I told him he'd be in trouble if I lived in Chicago.  He nodded yes because it would probably be true.  We've always just had that "spark" so it brought a huge smile to my face when he walked in my door at 8am and planted a big kiss on my lips.  We almost didn't get to breakfast.

I've always gone to the Oak Room for eggs benedict for breakfast when I'm in Chicago.  In my opinion, they were the best ever.  I am very sorry to announce that they've made a disastrous mistake and changed their presentation.  It's a poached egg with hollandaise as usual but it's over bread pudding with a slice of pork and has mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes and spinach.  ACK!!  I could not eat it and believe me I can eat just about anything.  So my top nominee now for eggs benedict is on the menu of Blue Fin at the W Hotel on Times Square.  Absolutely divine!   Prepared in the traditional manner thank heavens!

It's my plan to be cooking my self silly when I move to my new place in Florida so I need to find a top notch Hollandaise recipe for my own version.  Brunch on Sundays anyone?  The Goddess is cooking!

I'm happy to be back home and I don't have to go anywhere again until my opening of the new apartment in August.  I'm flying down on the 12th for 10 days.  Selling the god awful furniture that is there and painting.  Remember....gang bang painting party. It would be fun if you paint in the nude all you have to do is wash it off you.

If you need  a bedroom furniture set, I'll have two.  Unfortunately both are lacquered.  One black, one champagne.  In their favor they both have tremendous storage capacities and LOTS of mirrors.  You saw the one in my selfies from this winter.  And living and dining room sets too.  Bamboo,  flowered cushions.  Double ack!!  

I will be resting and chillin' tonight.  Tomorrow.....playtime resumes.  Maybe you can try The Womanizer on me yourself?

Life is good.  Nothing like comfort food and your own pillow!

Love and Kisses,


Eros is now letting us use a selfie as our 9th photo.  We can change it every 24 hours.  Finally they are getting the idea.  This one was taken Thursday morning 6/30/2016....totally unretouched.   

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