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Hello Boyoos!

It's a soggy mess outside.  72.  The sun might get to peek out for a half hour around 8pm tonight.  I imagine the track is a mud pit.  There's been a lot of controversy this far 7 horses have died.   For some reason, it's lost it's magic for me and many this year.  Why I'm not sure.

NYRA, the New York Racing Association has gotten high handed, raised prices and diminished services.  Long time attendees who have supported racing with big bucks get no favors or no considerations trying to buy tickets or make reservations.  That's made a lot of people upset.  Not to mention the loss of the horses.  This alway happens and sadly I was there one day when they put a horse down, behind a screen, ON the track.  It ruined the day for me.

I also think my mind has made the shift to Florida.  Things that were important here don't hold the sway that they did.  What will bother me is leaving  my "friends" as I head south.  But you will manage and find someone else soon.  It's just how it is. Right now my first "tour" of Albany is planned the beginning of December.  Saratoga one night for the Victorian Walk and then a few days in Albany.  I might couple it with a Chicago tour beforehand to film again.

Speaking of filming there has been some nice business with these newest clips.  Thanks to you who have purchased Mistress in Charge.   I know I'll be filming in Florida as I have two playmates down there that are videographers.  :-)

The birthday day was nice.  And the phone kept ringing with old friends wanting to meet yesterday.  But family was arriving at 4 and they spent the night.  Call me another day....please!!!  

Sis brought all the food.  Snacks beforehand,  filets for me and her fiancee,  goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts for her and our gal pal, fresh corn on the cob and steamed broccoli.  I had a big dollop of blue cheese on my filet.  Yum!

She baked a scratch cake.   It was a moist milk chocolate cake with a salted caramel filling and frosting, topped with chocolate genache and pieces of toffee.  It was absolutely divine with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream but the sugar overload headache started right away.  Just can't do all the sugar anymore.  Still....a yummy ending to a lovely meal.

For a change I'm giving you a birthday gift for MY birthday.  Most days, lately every day, the first thing I accomplish in the morning is writing my gratitude list.  Three years ago, when my business in the Capital District finally started to come back I expressed a fear to a fellow provider, retired, that it wouldn't continue.  Fear is never a good thing and I asked her, O Wise One, what I should do. to counter act this?  She said, "Every morning, first thing, sit down with a journal and write ten, 10. things that you are grateful for.  They can be anything. Large or very small."  

The very next day I began.  And literally, overnight my world changed.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why beginning a day with positive thoughts and a grateful attitude can impact your daily life.  And it has.  The best part is that this practice has become a ritual, routine, whatever you want to call it and I've gone deeper.  I now spend time in meditation and reading a daily devotion.  You don't have to be religious to do this.

I know, I know, I are too busy.  Baloney.  Write 5 things. instead.  Store it on your smart phone if you don't want to carry a journal.   OR right before you nod off to sleep at night, THINK of 5 things that have blessed your day.  Say thank you.

My first item every single day is life.  At this age I'm very aware that no one is guaranteed a long life and so I am so thankful for each new day.   Also on that list I write the friend I have seen the day before,  first name only and oftentimes those I know I am seeing that day.  A great cup of coffee,  a new hairdo,  money in the bank,  a kind word from someone,  a hot date, a new bird at the feeder, my beautiful home and so on.  You get it.  

If things are starting to be too much in life...or you're feeling blue do this.  Take a few minutes for good mental health and it will impact and bless all areas of your life.  Think of it as an investment in YOU.

We're worth it and LIFE is good!   Tampa this week....12-22. 

Love and Hugs and A Year Older,


Anneke at 30


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