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Hello Darlings,

It was a perfect morning on the patio.  75 and sunny.  Drier after a big storm rolled through last evening.  I just love my 4th floor perch looking out over the pond (which needs some algae inhibitor) and the wild life area.  I can hear the birds singing and my only frustration is that I cannot see them.  Except for the egrets, herons and ducks.   Still....it's beautiful.

A very old friend came a calling late Saturday afternoon.  He had sent a picture but I did not recotnize him.  When I picked him up we ascertained that it had been over 10 years since we last met.  Well, no wonder I didn't remember him. lol  This blonde head doesn't hold on to old trysts that long.   There have been a LOT of trysts in the last 10 years.  It's an embarassing number but not really.  I kind of smile at it.....and any guy would too.   Anyway, we had a great time!

Apart from family being here I really haven't entertained anyone for a meal  at Chez Anneke yet.  I have a fabulous kitchen in which to do so.  Yesterday I topped off the culinary possibilities with a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond for a big George Foreman electric grill.  One that is on a stand and now out on one of my patios.  I have two.  The smaller one has a window from the kitchen onto it.  Makes sense to put the grill there.  In cooler weather, sans air conditioning, I can pass things in and out.  But really,  it's just a couple of steps around the corner through my Master bedroom to that patio. 

Lady Femina and anthony returned, permanently, from Ireland on Tuesday as I was flying to Vegas.  This was the first time we' d seen each other in months.  As always she looked beautifully elegant in an off shoulder, very tight black dress with a fashionable long tasssel necklace.   Gifts abounded and amongst them my favorite ice bucket that I had given them years ago when I left to head north.

She had asked me in the past if I wanted it back but I had no room for it.  She remembered and filled it with cheery flowers.  That's the kind of attention to detail m'lady has.  She's a lovely, giving, cultured, intelligent woman.  She's a world class domina  and provider par excellance,  but more importantly she's  a charming and valued friend.  My boi anthony is brilliant also, recalling historical events and days, dates from years past that most of us would never remember.  I value his friendship and his service immensely. 

She pronounced it would be "catching up" last night,  not talk of business nor the restart of Goddess Manor.  anthony had brought Prosecco and red wine that I had brought them in months past.  We all chuckled about the regifting.  Friends can.

It was delightful to see them and we all kept hugging each other.   anthony opened the Prosecco, poured he and I a glass, water for m'lady and we toasted to seeing each other and the future.  THIS my friends is why I returned!

The resort is growing older,,,,population wise and the beautiful people that used to be here...of ALL ages are not here any longer.  But my friends and I are growing older together in a world unlike any other.  As we all say, "A bad day here is still better than the vanilla world."   We all can be whoever we authentically are....nekkid if we so chose.  No clothes, slut wear, street clothes, no pretense about who we are.   We are friends and have a support system that cares not about which lifestyle one has chosen.  We are under an umbrella of what the world sees as misfits.  Perverts even.  All having a great time enjoying the freedom this life allows us.  As one of my friends here says, "They have us all behind the wall to keep us in and keep and eye on us."  I love it!

I will note we have extra security these days.  It's a very good thing but the way of the world now.  No worries though.   You can still visit me and be as naughty as we decide. 

Hopefully I'm going to have even more fun this week.  I have a young friend visiting this week for dinner. And naughtiness. He's the one who crooned in my ear, making out in his car years ago.

Life is SO good!  I'm very happy here.

Love and Kisses,


Vegas baby                                 Last night awaiting friends



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