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Hello Darling Boys,

It's an absolutely gorgeous morning here in Florida.  Sunny, dry, 68 with a high of 81 forecast.  Coffee on the patio was lovely again.

It's been a week chock full of adventures since I last wrote.   The hoped for nap Saturday never materialized and I began the dressing and make up for the big party.  A photo of the get up was in the last post.

Folks did not know who I was.  Well, some recognized Trixie and Boom Boom so I wasn't a total stranger to the partiers.  The club was fairly full and outside a great band was playing too.  I wandered back and forth between the two locations most of the night.  I didn't want to miss a thing.  

Finally I sat down in the lobby with friends.  We just wanted to watch the parade of costumes passing by.  There were some doozies.  Creative, scary, funny and cute.  The judges were wandering through the crowd and I was asked if I wanted to be in the contest.  I said yes.  They would announce the participants at midnight. I know I'm not going to get any sleep.  

Finally at one in the morning they announced the winners.  I wasn't one and it was no big deal.  Home I headed and since I had to get up at 4 am I didn't see the point of trying to go to sleep at 2 am.  I'd sleep on the plane.  Or so I hoped.

At 2:30 I prepared a full breakfast for myself.  Bacon in the overn, eggs, french bread toasted and coffee.   At 5:30 I headed for St. Pete/Clearwater airport.  Behind the wheel I realized I was exhausted.  I was sober but it was obvious that I was sleep deprived.  Thankfully I arrived safely.  Just exhausted.

This airport is the pits.  And so is the airline Allegiant.  I'm not going to bitch and moan because it was the only last minute reasonable option to avail myself of.  But I will NEVER fly this again.  It takes them an HOUR to board the plane.  I asked why?  Fortunately I got to board early and I headed to the back and my aisle seat to watch folks getting on board.   The flight attendent was standing next to me watching people lolly gag down the aisle....and taking forever to put their carryon luggage up before slowly getting seated.  I asked her. "these folks don't ever fly do they?"  She laughed and said,  "these are the people who are on vacation ."  Man,,,,at that moment I wished I'd paid the high fare for Southwest.

Forget sleeping.  It was an old MD-80 and I should have had earplugs.  But we left on time and arrived in Newburgh the same.  Great to see Sis and her step-daughter.   We got to work the moment we arrived.  The wedding was the next night and there was a LOT to do.   

I went out for wine and champagne and later food for the meal.   Three real cooks in the kitchen is always fun.  We worked together as a team and things were starting to shape up.  My sis made her own cake....she's a baker par excellance!  

That afternoon we sat down and together made the braided hand fastenings for the service.  I was asked to say a prayer over it and then held the chords as they wove them and inserted the charms.  Me....trying to stay awake while we did so.  They kept chuckling at my drooping eyes.  That evening we went out for dinner and I fell asleep sitting up.  I was in bed at 9pm and slept for 10 hours.   I'm a real party animal aren't I?

Still,  it was great to be a part of the preparations.  Monday afternoon we finished the food and I decorated the mantle and the table.  Candles everywhere and fresh mums for the flowers. 

We still needed to cleanse the house.  If you are not familiar it's an American Indian ritual that removes anything negative from a home.  The negative energy left behind by people and events.   Sis lit the sage bundle and started the incantation.  Instantly there was this huge rush of energy up my spine to my head.  Huge!  I looked at her daughter and my sis and both of them were experiencing the same thing.  I grabbed my niece's hand and held on for dear life while Sis went through the house saying the words in every room.  Finally she visited the last room, the sun room and came back in the living room.  Her dog ran out to the sun room and I heard the dog growl as whatever it was went out the back door.  

The three of us all stood there with out eyes popping and our mouths hanging open.  Holy moses....what was that?  Each of us found a quiet corner to compose ourselves.  It had been that powerful.  Obviously,  it was a good thing that we did it.  

That evening as we prepared for the service, amidst the trick of treaters,  there was an air of good will and so much love.  Families reunited and reconciled that had been sundered, my Sis and her fiancee beamed with joy.  The service, performed by their friend from across the street, was beautiful and meaningful.  He is a pagan and it had the overtones of the spirituality of the universe.   Folks smiled and we all shared in the joy of my sister and her beloved uniting.

It was a magical evening in every sense of the word.  One that none of us had expected but one we fully appreciated.  It's just amazing what life brings us isn't it?

I'd had an appt. during the day....old Albany friend who found a room close by.  The next day I headed to Albany to meet more friends...and then back down after a Sushi dinner.  We kind of all crashed and burned that night.  It had been an exceptional week in all respects.

Wednesday Sis and I headed to Albany again.  Me to see Alexx, my psychic friend and she to drop off some things my brother and his wife had left behind Monday night.  Lots of happy sister time on the ride up and back.    It was great to see Alexx and I had a fabulous reading.   He wasn't at all surprised about the saging event.   It's his life.  It's not a bad thing to have a wizard as a good friend.

The plane ride back was loud and late but uneventful.  On my way home Lady Femina called and asked if I wanted to come for dinner.  Her sissy maid was there and she wanted me to meet her.  Perfect.  I'm back in my crazy, kinky world.  Just the way I want it.  Her slave is a transgendered 23 year old who is adorable.  I checked out her little "Pussy" rubbing the shaft in my hand until she got hard.  Very nice.  And she will be available for those of you who enjoy TG's, TS's.  She's a pretty sweet thing and has nice little breasts and a very nice piece of equipment.  And she's a good cook.  You must plan in advance though.  Let me know.  Don't forget that Lady Femina and I are always available for doubles.  If you heart can stand it!

Yesterday morning I had an early morning visit to Tampa to see a very old friend.  It had been over 10 years since we'd last met.  I love that when folks remember you and  want to see you again.   We had a great time and I headed back to a noontime hair appointment.

I'm finding a new TEAM here to help me stay beautiful.  Just what every Goddess needs. 

Yesterday afternoon I took a little nap and then headed down to the club and the jacuzzi.  Our dining room is closed so dinner was in the outside bar.  On the way in I saw this new hot younger couple in the jacuzzi and stopped to introduce myself.  The younger ones and the single guys are coming back, thank the heavens.   It's so good to see. 

At the bar, I sat next to a new guy from Maine and introduced myself.  We chattered away until my new jacuzzi couple guy came in.  Very cute.  Next I knew he was standing right next to me, telling me how hot I was and rubbing himself on my leg.  Oh is tough here at the nudist resort.  It's very possible that a hot threesome is coming soon.  

Hugs and kisses from friends,  dinner, a dip in the jacuzzi and I headed home early.  There's a new series on Netflix called The Crown and I watched two episodes.  Outstanding and of course it's based on the life of Queen Elizabeth.  Very well done.  If you love the Royals you'll love this.  If you don't...there's lots more good stuff out there.

Early to bed for me...11pm and now I'm up and ready for the morning errands.  Hopefully I'll have some adventures today and if not...I'll spend the afternoon at the pool.

Life is good.  I LOVE living back in Tampa Bay.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,





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