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Good Morning Boys,

It's 63 and partly sunny.  I'm not sitting on my patio having coffee this morning, rather glued to the television.  I stayed up until 1am to see the election results and at that point in time it was looking like The Donald was going to win.  

So....we have a clean sweep in DC.  I'm not commenting on the results outside of this.  The people have spoken.  Now it's time for us to heal.  But I still have a little smile on my face looking at this whole picture.  The cockroaches in DC must really be scurrying now.  THAT's what this election was really about.  Folks were sick to death of the political establishment.  

As I've said in the past, we girls are the canary in the coal mine of economic indicators.  Business has been way off, all over the country, these past few weeks.  As Alexx, my advisor said,  men stop spending money when there is uncertaintly and there was plenty of it.   His clientele is mostly female so he's stayed busy.  Now I'm waiting for the phone to ring.  Even if you don't like the results at least this campaign is over!  

Now let's get down to business and heal this country.   I'd be glad to help.  A little huggin', kissin', maybe a light massage and whatever, to relieve the stress that has resulted from a too long Presidential race.   Then let's all get on with life.

It's still a good one.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,


Here's a little light hearted humor to lighten the mood.

PS.....congratulations Cub's fans!!   I'll be in Downtown Chicago December 3-6 for your erotic pleasures.  And to film.  Let's plan your celebration.

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