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Hello Darlings,

It's cocktail time and 81.  A low of 66 tomorrow morning.  No cocktails tonight.  I have a late visit to a new friend at 9pm. I'm thinking I'll have an even later visit to our jacuzzi to wind down but the bar will probably be closed.  Somehow....I'll survive.  wink

My sister keeps sending me videos of the snow falling.  I don't think she understands I don't miss the mess at all.  While I did enjoy the winter wonderland outside my Albany area apartment and the little frozen lake I don't miss the cold.  And no leaves on the trees.  And endless days of gray.   I'll get a big enough taste of it when I head north January 18-27.  First Boston and then Albany.  I'll probably book my airfare and hotels tomorrow.  

But first things first.  Today I sent my daughter's box of gifts and cards to her and my son.  After last year, I didn't include them in her package.  She never received her Christmas presents until February last year.  The post office ripped off the label and I hadn't thought to put an address inside.  This year the gift cards went separately.  They need money more than "things."  Although I always send my daughter some girlie things too.   Two of my son's daughter's are in St. Pete so I'll probably take them to lunch on one of their days off.  I'm sure they'd rather have moola too. doesn't really matter any more.  Just being with friends is enough.  But one new very generous friend yesterday also arrived with a little evergreen and flower bouquet in a Christmas mug.  Just a little something but greatly appreciated.  He told me after that it seemed like I was an old friend.  Now.....that is what I always hope for.  That you'll feel we knew each other forever and be totally relaxed and at ease.  But some folks can't unwind for a minute and a very few rush through the experience with only the end in sight.  Of course, that's their prerogative and I'll always honor that although I do try and detour them through passion land first.  It's a longer route but I think  the journey is a whole lot more fun.  At least on my side of things.  I have to isn't about me.  Although I do think of every new friend as my BF with no strings.  When you can think of me as your GF or Goddess with no strings it's magical.

Speaking of magic, last evening was the third and last of the Super Moons this year.  The moon is closer to the earth's orbit so it appears larger.  At a full moon it is a time for putting the past behind and leaving the things and people in your life that don't work.  Sometimes that's hard to recognize isn't it?  But when you do, it's a if a great weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  

Yes, I saged my space,  I lit a white candle, made a list of those those things that need to go and burnt the list.  Then I saged the house.  Thankfully nothing weird or negative jumped out.  It was all good and today I'm a bit tired.  Which can happen with the increased energy during a full moon.  My home is clean and I am refreshed and renewed to prepare for the new year, 2017.

I think it's going to be a very good one.  Finally, I'm busier and folks are reaching out that have been watching me for a while.  Sometimes years.  I think that's kind of sweet don't you? 

As a lifestyle person I forget that some folks are shy about things sexual.    Living here we're frank about sex and some of the dining table conversations might make most folks in the outside world blush.  For's normal.   But no still means no and I do not know of a case of rape in here ever happening.  If someone is persistent or lewd or out of line he or she is shown the resort door,  never being allowed to enter again.  I've seen it happen and as a single woman that brings me a great deal of comfort to know that I am safe.  And that I can walk down to our jacuzzi at midnight by myself and be okay.  

Some of you have asked about my filming more.  Those days are over.  My main purpose in filming now is to stay relevant and to  show I'm not dead yet.   So it's going to be a maybe 2-3 times a year kind of thing.  Although I do have a great videographer right here in my boudoir from time to time.  He just hasn't gotten the camera out yet.  His work is elegant, tasteful and very erotic.  Hopefully we'll shoot something soon. 

I'm going to try and reschedule the young hot porn star who lives in NJ when I head to Albany.  He's made quite a name for himself and has worked with the biggies.  He also produces his own point of view videos so we're hoping to meet up in January.   It will be fun!

That's about all this hump day.  I'll be doing some humping later.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend and Goddess,


From the other night.....awaiting a gentleman friend.





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