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Hello Darlings,

Lovely day here.  A low of 46 tonight when the rain moves in for the next two days.  No worries, I brought my hooded raincoat.  The forsythia are in bloom and the daffodils and some tulips are peeking up.  Not much in leaves on the trees yet. 

So...if you want to meet while I'm here Albany boys I suggest you start filling out the Reserve Me page to secure your place asap.  Old friends, just call or text.  Yes, believe it or not I do text and often.  I just don't enjoy long drawn out detailed conversations texting.  Nor do I like someone I've never met trying to make a text appointment. 

Look, I know the a lot of providers do take text appointments. Most don't give a hoot about making a connection.  I do.  They just want to make as many appointments as they can and get you in and out.  Pun intended.

 So, go to my website, please READ it and then complete the Reserve Me page or choose the options there.  I've never understood why someone would call me to meet and not looked to see  what my donations were beforehand.  The Backpage guys are REALLY guilty of this.

It's not difficult.  By the way, I am no longer on Tampa Backpage dating women 4 men.  Only a few cities like Albany where most of the guys don't know anything else exists. That's a rant for another day. lol

Great dinner last night with a friend at Athos.  We stuffed ourselves and then had an encore after.  We'd already had appetizers before. :-)  Welcome back Anneke!

Busy day, busy night so I'll be having a later dinner this evening.  Not saying where but if you're out and about AND we've met and want to meet for a drink,,,,send me a text or call. 

Life is good...no.....it's great!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,





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