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Hello Boyos,

Another perfect morning. 72, 72% humidty, sunny with a high of 93 predicted this afternoon.  I have a sports stretching session scheduled at 9:45 with our resort expert.  So this is short.

It's like someone turned on a light bulb.  Whatever was blocking my energy and thought process to allow business is gone and the phone is ringing.  Chicago is pre-booking nicely.  My lack of trust in being provided for was the culprit I think.  Sometimes we hold on to fear and prevent good things from happening.  I let go.

Enough  It's been a great week.  I undergoing some treatments on a device called the Bemer and it's loosening up those stubborn adductor muscles in my right hip and healing whatever else needs healing. I  know some of you have seen me limping and that's the reason why.  It began last summer when I was lugging, moving and packing for the move south.  And it's persisted despite stretching, icing, chiropractor, yoga, etc.  

I'm not in pain but it's a pain in the ass....and hip.  A major annoyance!  And let's face it, a provider in 5 inch heels limping isn't very sexy.  So it's been humbling and humiliating at times.  So be patient with's getting better and I still can get my legs over my head.

In a few minutes I'm going to this sports stretching session I mentioned above.  She's a tiny bundle of muscle.  She used to be a power lifter  and she's incredibly strong.  I know, coupled with the Bemer I'm finally heading in the right direction.  

I LIKE wearing those beautiful Louboutin heels and want to be able to do so more often!  I have a closet full of beautiful shoes that are waiting for me.

I'm having a blast here in my private paradise but can't wait to get up to Chicago.  This tour is going to be fantastic and I am eager to experience this adventure.  I still have  time available but I'm low volume so don't put pre-booking off until the last minute if you want to meet.   Screening of course.  Especially in Chicago.  They lie in wait for us visiting providers.  Who?  You know. 

So that's it for now.  If something exceptionally naughty or kinky pops'll be the first to know.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Blinged Out. 

Imagine those wrapped around your.....pride and joy.  I'll be gentle, I promise!  




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