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Hello Darlings,

I just had a fab dinner at Joey's in East Syracuse.  I always head there when I arrive.  Old school Italian, greens and beans soup, a big basket of great bread, butter dip, chopped salad, linguini with white clam sauce.  Yum!

I waddled back to my hotel from my car.

I'm tired.  I always overeat when I am.  And I'm getting irritated with assholes.   Here's an excerpt from an email I just got.

Please send me a completely FULL NAKED BODY Picture's of yourself including your FACE TITS PUSSY AND your ASSHOLE   Unbelievable isn't it? Love the punctuation!

However, I'm still grateful for the business I've had and the places I've been.  Buffalo won't be one of them again.  I know it's supposed to be enjoying a rebirth but I can't imagine it before.  Nice folks though. 

It was a tough drive from there to Syracuse this morning/early afternoon.  The NY Thruway East was bumper to bumper and then add in torrential downpours a lot of the way.  I do not mind driving.  How could I if I drive from the Northeast to Florida frequently?  But I HATE driving in heavy rain.  You can't let yourself slide for a second or you'll be up someone's rear bumper. 

The hotel where I usually stay here is booked solid. Looks like a big wedding and a classic car show, plus a dog show competition near by.  I got stuck in a wing with a 1000 kids from another culture/country who have no manners.

What is hilarious is my new friend today was a fetish appt. and he wanted to be paddled, spanked, flogged, etc.  Well, think about this.  It makes a lot of noise whacking someone's ass with a paddle, your hand or a flogger.  So we turned up the music and the TV.  The walls are paper thin on this floor.  Usually I'm in the preferred members section where the accomodations are much better. No such luck. 

So TV blaring I flogged and smacked away.  It's really pretty funny when you think about it.  It WAS a sensual domination session so he also had a bbbj and prostate massage.  Wham!  Stairway to heavn!

Off to dinner and calls keep coming but I'm done.  I don't believe in milking it for more money.  Pun intended  Quality adventures require a rested Anneke.  

Thankfully I still feel great.  No back pain, no limping, just too many miles on the road.  After a while that would get to any person of any age.  Well, maybe long distance truck drivers are exempt but they take pills to keep going. Not all of course but you know it happens.

So, old friends tomorrow morning and it's off to Albany and my digs for a month.  And....Game of Thrones next season Sunday evening the 16th.  I know, I know, I am so freaking predictable. lol

Despite the severe storms coming in the Northeast and  the weathermen  losing their minds  LIFE is GOOD.

Your VERY Naughty but Tired Girlfriend, Gilf and Goddess,




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