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Hello Darlings,

Fall is coming to Florida also.  There's a bit of a change in the air and while it still hit 90 yesterday the humidity seemed lower and there's a breeze.  It was 73 out on my little patio this morning and lovely.

It's been a very good and very busy week.  I'm feeling good about my main focus being Tampa, then tours, Skype and filming.  I've accepted that this resort is never going to be the most exciting place on the planet as it used to be and that it's my shelter from the vanilla world.  Even more sedate,  I still have opportunities to meet new slightly bent people and I'm surrounded by loving friends.  Obviously, living in a vanilla world on a daily basis has little appeal.  

But....I can fit in well in the vanilla world.  I'm always a lady in  public, albeit a sexy one, but never over the top "out there."  In here,,,,,hell yeah!  So unlike most folks who never have the opportunity to be outrageous and not be arrested, I can be.

Case in point...I went to the club Friday night.  Nothing going inside or outside but a few friends were there.  I wore....a sheer, white off the shoulder peasant blouse and a tiny white thong.  One of the gifts from my generous friend.  If I went out in that there would be jeans, a camisole under the top. Covered up but still sexy.  Here.....we let it all hang out even when some of us probably shouldn't.  It's about being free.

Yesterday morning I putzed around and then headed out for errands.  You know, typical Saturday, fill up the tank, get the car washed inside and out and then to Robin Story Interior Design for their annual Christmas Open House.  It's a decorator's or enthusiastist's for interior design fantasy land.  A lovely buffet, sangria, customers shopping in the store and in the warehouse with a kick ass sound system playing holiday music.  I stook in the middle of the store mesmerized while the Pentatonics sang Hallelujah.  I was "having a moment" in the store with my hair standing on end and goosebumps all over.  

I know, you're thinking...jeez....whack job Anneke.  As a musician all my life music profoundly affects me on so many levels.  And a church musician.  If you didn't know that about me I was the head honcho of music at 3 different churches.  Oh, how the times they have changed huh?  So that's why I still go to worship on occasion and do those daily meditations.  It's also part and parcel of who I am....sinner, saint and real woman with a huge sexual appetit.  One of my friends and I shared that this week.  That sex is as natural and normal a part of life as breathing.  And necessary. And let's face it....we've all yelled out a few "Oh My God's" in those moments of ecstacy.  What could be wrong with that?

Last night I made a big tossed salad and baked salmon filets in parchment for a good friend and I.  He and I kick around our lives and loves and discuss the changes we're open for in our future.  He's brilliant and his insight and calm approach always helps ground me.  He tells me I help him also. 

I'm chillin' this morning...feeling like a little cold is coming on, going to a birthday party at 4, supposed to have another vein surgery on the back of my right leg tomorrow, but that might have to be rescheduled with the cold and just enjoying the day.

Life is good.

Love and Hugs,

Your Very Naughty Girlfriend,  Goddess and GILF,


Holiday Wonderland...you can always take me shopping HERE!



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