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The air is cool and my energy is high.  I spend most Monday mornings catching up on Administrative stuff.  Ads, twitter feeds, marketing, etc.  I've received a photo from a sissy guy on my Backpage email telling me I could use him for profit.  The photo was awful and there was no personal info. 

Honestly, it is sad sometimes.  Guys always approach me and say "I'll work with you".  What they don't understand is that I choose who works with me.  And if you've wondered why I don't have a long list of male or female partners it's because there are a lot of unattractive, untrustworthy, poorly groomed and clueless people out there.  I didn't work as long and as hard developing the Anneke brand and establishing my reputation to destroy it overnight with some idiot as a partner.  And yet they write all the time assuming I'd be grateful for any warm body with a penis.  Women don't typically ask to be a partner.  We sort of find each other.

I know most of you get that and I hope the rest of you who ask me for a male or female partner to join in the fun, will understand this.  As you know, there are a LOT of whacked out people in the world.  I don't want want  those walking through my door and meeting my friends.  I don't need that and YOU especially don't. So be patient as I continue my search.  I had a great male partner here but he's moved. Drat it.

SOME of you that I've met and played with have expressed a desire to be a partner.   And I've said, yes. Let's be honest, not everyone is really suited to be one.  There is a different dynamic when you're the provider and not the client.   It's one of service AND passion unfurled and adaptability.    So, if we've met, played and you're still curious and interested call me.  NO texts, no email, we speak.  But you do need to send a photo if I need reminding who you are.  You may text the photo but we will speak.  NOT text!  518 258-0866

I have a lot of requests for this service.  MORE for a male partner than a female believe it or not.  Cukold scenarios, interracial, bi, cross dressers, etc.  If you're not inclined for that please don't call me.  If you are and we've met, let's talk.  Criteria?  Fit, younger, well equipped, a good attitude and a lusty soul.  A desire to film would be great but not necessary. And you're going to have to provide a photo of yourself naked, flaccid and aroused.  The face is necessary for me and screened friends....I will not display your face on my gallery duo page.

Let's have some fun!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,




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