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Hello Darlings,

It's 27, overcast now and windy today.  Until today it's been a bit warmer here.  I needed the mink when I went out earlier.  It's going down to 14 tonight.

Sunday afternoon, after check in and my first visit, an old friend told me BPage was still up in Albany.  Nah...but he was right.  It's just phone numbers. No ad, no links outside of my Twitter page on an extra sponsor ad with photos.

I put one up to see what would happen.  I have had at least 60 text messages and perhaps 25 actual phone calls.  But not ONE appointment.  They call, knowing absolutely nothing about me, for an appt.  In 10 minutes for next to no donation.  Each and every one I ask, "did you google my phone number?"  Of course, not.  Absolutely clueless about how to find out more about the person behind the phone number.  Then I send them a cut and pasted link to my website.  Which they probably don't read or they do and have a  heart attack when they get to my donation page.

I haven't rolled up the ad again daily since I posted it.  I am absolutely astounded at the lack of savvy and recklessness of men looking for a what they hope is a cheap price adventure.  Or any adventure.  

Fortunately, others DO know how to find quality and I've had a great week.  Last night was an absolutely freaking hot overnight encounter that left us both breathless.  And up a lot of the night.  We just couldn't get enough of each other.  I'm not having lots of adventures but great longer or hour long playtimes with good folks and new friends.  I'm content with how the week has come together.

It took until Sunday afternoon for me to finally break through the last of the oxytocin hormone's influence.   It was the strangest thing.  All of a sudden it was gone and I was free. 

And while my ego took a big damn hit I survived.....lust , oxytocin and him.  Only to enjoy my old and new friends even more here.    I left the door open but told him...you'll have to be the aggressor.  I'm not throwing myself at you ever again.  Or at anyone.  Lesson two....don't put someone else's well being ahead of yours.  Good mental health is selfish as I always tell everyone else.  I'll never trust him again so I'd say it's a good chance we're done, stick a fork in it, adios amigos.  Don't piss off a Leo. 

I had a reading with Alexx yesterday.  We always catch up first, his life and mine.  When I told him what had happened he advised me to handle it exactly as I was. Alexx says the guy is already sorry about what he did.

The rest of my reading was great and he again encouraged me to film more and in the fetish vein.  I'll be interviewing my new film mate when I return. He is hot and very experienced in doing  all types of adult films.  

It's been so good for me to come back to my Upstate NY home.  My roots.  See old haunts and the friends I've met in them.  I don't mind the weather, it's about the place and the experience and I know I'll be happy to go back to my Florida home at the end of the week.

I do have to say my pussy is twitching thinking about all the fun I've had this week and the fun that is ahead of me.

Life is good.  Next!!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Custom Manhattan at Athos.

Not used to all these clothes. 





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