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Hello Boyoos,

It's gorgeous here.  Perfect weather and I really am in a good mood after two sessions today.  Both sensual domination.  That's why I call them a session.  BDSM terminology.

BUT I am officially pissed. This last trip back from Albany TSA opened my check in luggage, left a note and then I realized they removed a fire starter.  Butane.  Oh, okay I get it. I'll bring matches next time. Surely they won't take those.

But the straw broke the camel's back when I went to grab my sounding kit for my second session today.  No where to be found.  I've already left one set behind in a hotel last summer, replacing it a couple of months ago. They are $100 plus a set.  All stainless steel and heavy.

I was berating myself for being so careless again but while I was "torturing" my sub it dawned on me that I knew I'd packed them for the return flight home.  TSA must have taken those too.  They are sharp instruments in a case.  "Let's grab them Bubba."

This is getting freakin' ridiculous.  So the only time I'll be able to have them on tour is when I drive.  I'm not risking losing another set to Big Brother.  

It's bad enough my photo got removed for "genital defination" on Eros.  Which, despite my protestations continuing, they refused to budge.  I'm sure it's more of big brother coming down on them so they come down on us.  What really annoyed me was the snotty attitude of the customer service rep.  A misnomer for sure.  "Well, we've given you all kinds of deals over the years, Anneke."  I never asked for them.  When you are spending 5K a year over almost 15 years for advertising you ought to get a few "deals" from your advertisers.  

Oh I know...that's nothing compared to what some gals spend who are the real high rollers.  Moi....I can't afford VIP ads very often.  The regular ads are pricey enough on their own.  Certainly not VIP for touring cities which one really should do because they roll you down the bottom of the list.

And you thought I sat at home, ate bon bons in my lingerie and just waiting for the bucks to roll in, doing nothing to garner them.  HA!  Just like any business there are advertising and marketing costs.  And that's the point of all of this.  What we do IS a business that generates millions of dollars that goes back into the American economy to BE in this business.  I've rung this bell before but I'm sick to death of Washington, DC and the hypocrites who dictate morality while they are lining their own pockets and looking down their noses at us....all the while taking more and more of our freedoms away. 

Personally I'm very glad that gay figure skater in the Olympics competion put off seeing Mike Pence until after the games.  He did NOT refuse to see him.  Just not before the competition.  I wouldn't have seen him at all if it were me.   Pence is the guy who wanted "medical treatment" funded to change gay's sexual orientation.  I can't imagine what he thinks of prostitution. 

Both parties, thank you, are guilty of  all this nonsense. 

Outside of that rant, I'm doing just ducky.  The diet is working slowly and I'm looking forward to Houston and working with Tina again.  

Next month I think it's going to be doing a driving tour to Greenville, back to Atlanta,  with a stop in Macon on the way up for one night.  Then the end of the month I'm seriously considering a flight to Nashville. 

April I'm not sure.  But it's looking like Chicago and perhaps somewhere else.  I'd love to head to Albany sooner but flights are outrageous.  So it might be the 11th of May before I return.  BUT nothing is written in stone and if I can get a break on I'll be back sooner.  I will stay longer the next visit.

Tampa, I'd stay home more if you showed up.  I'd much rather play in my sexy incall than in a hotel room.  The champagne is close by and it's staged for seduction.  Plus I don't have to haul everything in a suitcase and try and make it as hot somewhere else on the road.   I can be...anywhere.  But the surroundings never can.   Honestly, I do it for me more than you.  Gets me instantly in the mood to sex up the place.

Despite all my bitchin' here today....life is good.  An orgasm does that. 

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,


Mistress is waiting. 




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