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Hello My Darlings,

It's another gorgeous Tampa Bay day.  73 now, heading to 81 later.  Party cloudy now, sunny later.

Today is the "chosing the wardrobe for the photo shoot", errands, spray tan and then packing to leave tomorrow day.  While my photographer has a wardrobe closet I want to use my own stuff exclusively this time.  I still haven't decided on what I'll wear but I'll thinking it will be mostly red.  Or black.  

Of course, everything I try on I don't like.  The ketogenic diet was a bust for me.  I didn't lose a pound and I felt awful most of the time. So I shed nothing for the shoot. Oh well, you'll just have to love me as I am.  But I've switched back to my long time favorite Body for Life.  Similar to The Zone.  Low carb, (of course), protein, fat all propotionate. As I won't be adding lots of carbs back in, or sugar and way less alcohol so it still will be less inflammatory. 

Yoga later today too helps.  Of course a good session of great sex would be even better.  I'll always make time for that.  

My exterminator came in this morning and he lives here too, part time.  I went to the door naked, he smiled and said,  "God, I love living here."  It's the best.  Although the owners of the resort have seemed to turned prudish and kicked a couple out last week because he kissed her nekkid butt when she learned over the bar.  We now seem to have the sex police back.  We've been through this cycle time and again over the years and every time they think this works, people stop coming and rejoining.  But this owner is stubborn and he is going to do things HIS way damn it!  Sometimes you're right and sometimes you're DEAD right.  

I'm hearing discontent all the way around and that is resulting in long time members NOT renewing their memberships.  Add no marketing or advertising for the place and the resort will be doomed if he doesn't wise up. 

Thankfully the way I live day to day isn't dependent upon the resort.  It is separate from the home owner's/renters.  We all can and do create our own fun.  It's just getting to be an older and older demographic all the time.  I know...you're laughing. Anneke, you ARE older!  Shush!  My heart and mind don't know that yet.  Maybe parts of my body do but at least they are NOT the parts that matter.  There is not a thing wrong with my lidibo and my pussy.   

I do have some pre-bookings for Houston and the shoot is scheduled for mid to late afternoon Monday.  

Sunday morning is a visit to Joel Osteen's church.  If you never hear from me again and this journal disappears you'll know the roof caved in when I walked through the door.  Since this won't be the first or the last church I visit since I became a provider I have my doubts that there will be any flashing lights and warning bells as I go though the door.  Saying, sinner, sinner!  Alexx said,  when I told him I was going, "you'll have plenty of company." I love that man!

So it was quiet again this week but the fun I did have was hot, hot, hot! Someone I've known in Tampa for years.  He's such a bad, bad boy.  He's in his mid-forties now he's still a great........ Well, you know!

Life is good.  I'm so excited to be heading to Houston and all the cities I plan to visit this spring.  I've updated my calendar so check where I'll be between now and mid-May.

NASHVILLE, I'm returning March 7-10 for the first time in years.  Yes!! I'm pre-booking.

Have a fabulous weekend y'all!  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,


New nails for the shoot.


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