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Hello Boys,

It's a soggy outside, lazy  inside day.  I haven't gotten out of my pj's.  But I did do a long gentle yoga session.  However, that doesn't mean I'm not working.

You'll find me behind the computer from the time I get up until I turn out the lights for bedtime most days.  Today was no exception.

I met with the Skype group Thursday night and it turned into almost a knock down drag out of personalities clashing.  It's interesting watching the body language from a camera view and you see things you wouldn't in the room.  I'd finally had enough and spoke up saying I did not like what was happening.  More chaos but by the end of the night, hurt feelings were somewhat smoothed over.  If this continues....I'm out of it.  It make no sense to be in a group that is supposed to be growing mentally and emotionally  if they can't get along. 

Friday night I met my friend A at my fav restaurant for dinner and jazz.  But before he arrived I said hello to an older gent who was sitting at the bar by himself.  We were talking when A arrived and he bought our drinks and gave me his chair.  The place was jammed for Memorial Day weekend.  My fav Albany bartender was running his butt off trying to serve the whole place and the bar.  He's a sweetheart and pulled it off with his usual cheery profesionalism!

So new friend, A and I all chattered away until A met a lady behind him who is in a similar business as his.  Great networking potential.  New friend and I got acquainted and he asked me for my number.  I thought, "why not?"  And so we spoke yesterday, making tentative plans for today that didn't happen and more firm ones for tomorrow that might.  It's a beginning. 

He does not know my profession. Yet. 

The surprise of the night was my old gal pal that I hung out with here was at the end of the bar in the corner.  I did NOT see her and she finally gave up trying to get my attention and came over.   We're planning on a get together soon. 

As I left that evening, I realized I knew a lot of the folks who were there already.  It felt great!

Yesterday I had my nails done and then an early lunch at Albany's best dinner.  Latham 76.  There aren't any diners in Florida.  At least not in Tampa and I always love stopping for a hot lunch once a week or so.

Then it was off to Lowe's but the almost 90 temps were daunting.  Plus, they didn't have what I needed.  On to At Home to pick up a small chair for the bedroom.  You know, the kind YOU sit on to take off your socks and hang your clothes over?  LOL  

Last night it was another hot playtime with one of my new friends.  After, we sat out on the patio to enjoy the perfect evening.  Just the kind of scenario I had envisioned.  Friends.....with benefits. 

I'm almost done  decorating.   I just need to hang some art and curtain rods.  I love all that's here and it's very comfortable. I haven't hung the floggers, crops, ball gag and strap ons on the walls as before.  They are behind the door in the bedroom hanging on a rack.  Within easy reach but unobtrusive.  Sometimes that stuff scares folks. Others times it turns them on.  Each to his fancy...right?

It's a comfortable cosy escape and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

The tv and aps are set and I can have music on from Pandora.   Now, it can also be a Netflix or Amazon night too.  Just like home!

It's official.  My website, forms, etc, are all hosted offshore under my new dutch domain.  Out of reach of you know who.  I double checked and the Reserve Me form is SSL secured. So be confident that your info is safe.  However, if you're still form shy you can always call me with it or send it via email.  Whatever way you choose.  We all want to be safe.  This is way more fun when we're comfortable.

New domain,  but is pointed to take you right there so both will work.  I love that fact that my site is hosted in the country of my ancestry.  One whose people practice tolerance and acceptance and where my profession has been legal for HUNDREDS of years.  That says a lot about the Dutch.  They are conservative but accepting of personal choices as long as they do not infringe upon each other.  Something this country ought to have learned IMHO.  Maybe someday.  I can only hope. 

Oh....and the new amateur video "The Lovely Anneke" is the top seller at my clip store. 

Copy and paste in your browser just in case you'd like to have it for yourself.  I'll remind my webmistress that I'd like to have it on my new domain in the members section. 

As always, this Memorial Day weekend, my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have passed in the service of our country.  And to those they left behind.  And to those of you who have served or are serving, thank you. 

Love and Kisses,







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