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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's a stunning day here in Upstate NY.  As I sat on my patio this morning I could hear the bird songs, see the squirrels scampering in the woods and caught a glimpse of a male cardinal flitting from tree to tree.  I haven't put a feeder up yet after the bear scare.  One has been seen.

It was a  nice week.  Lovely folks.  Fun and more to cum tomorrow.  

I'm almost totally around the corner in my design plans.  Once the living and dining room curtain rods go up I can find drapes and I'm mostly done.  Of course...I'm NEVER done.  But I'm vowing to make life simpler with less clutter and less stuff.  I'm surrounding myself with few things that I adore.  Including the men in my life.

I am sleeping well with no phone at all hours.  I'm living well with no wasted calls and rude people.  I've always had a policy of "I don't care what your age is if over 21 or your skin color as long as you are a gentleman." 

I enjoy gentlemen of all ages.  Each and every level of maturity brings their own special energy to an adventure.  But lately, the under 30's are proving why most providers will not even consider meeting them.  Many gals won't meet under 40.  I've always given the 20 somethings a chance.  Unfortunately, most of them blow it.  They chicken out...(understandable for your first time) but there is NO excuse for not showing up, not cancelling, not notifying whatever it is that's prevented you.  And it happens in the higher percentages the younger the new friend.   Oh, older guys do it too but not so much.  They usually call to say their car has broken down or they've had an accident on the way to the appointment.  At least they call.

Am I rethinking allowing younger men through my door?  Possibly.  What I might consider is requiring a deposit of 25% via paypal for anyone under 30.  That will separate the men from the boys won't it?   So young men who read this jounral....be advised....you are on probation. 

Am I still offering private Skype sessions?  Of course.  I had one very naughty one yesterday morning.  I was Mom.  Hopefully we'll meet in person soon.  It's a hot fantasy.  Soon I'll be offering sessions on www.cammodeldirectory.com .  I'll notify you when I'm ready to do so. 

Today?  Some yoga, laundry, heading to the cemetery for Father's Day.  It's usually mobbed.  I go on a regular basis anyway so there are still flowers on my Mom and Dad's grave. What I'd really love would be to find some wild orange day lilies and Queen Anne's lace on the side of the road.  They were both such gardeners but they'd love any beautiful wild flower. It's just a little too early for them yet. 

I don't stay long and I have a little chat and say that I appreciate  how they raised us kids.  It was different years ago.  Parents didn't hover over their children.  We got kicked outside in the summer and we basically went wherever we wanted to.  But we were taught the value of manners, respect and hard work.  Something I'm grateful for this day.  So thanks Dad....and Mom. 

We always had enough to eat, lots of beautiful country side to run around, trees to climb, cousins and neighbors to play with, pizza from Al's Pizza on Friday night (best ever!) and trips to Lake George on Sundays to the state camp ground.  They did their best and I didn't turn out so bad.  The naughtiness I got from my dad.  I know he's smiling at my antics.

So, to all  you dads who read this and/or come to visit I appreciate the dedication you have to your families and the need to have some special intimate time for yourself.  An escape apart from the home where sometimes it happens but mostly it doesn't.  I'm that fantasy in your life.  The one you can enjoy and then close the door and  safely leave behind  until next we meet.

 Life is good.  Happy Father's Day to all of you who are dads!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,



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