Hi Boys,

It was a glorious day today.  We survived the high heat of Sunday with an early evening storm.  Yesterday was cooler and lovely too.

I am going to have to head down to Tampa July 11-15 so I am cancelling the NYC tour.  I had next to no pre-bookings anyway and these days, I'm not inclined to go anywhere unless I have them. 

HOWEVER I will be available in Tampa/Land O Lakes the 12th and 13th all day and the morning of the 15th.  The 11th is a later flight arrival so I'll need the evening to get organized when I return home. Or should I say to my other home.

I'm heading back to ship up clothes and fill my suitcases that will be  almost empty going down.  I only had just so much room in my car so my wardrobe has been somewhat limited.  I'm not buying new clothes as the closets are stuffed in Florida. 

I am going to put the playroom/studio side of my apartment in the short term rental pool for when I'm up north.  The way it's decorated I don't think I'll have any problems finding swinger folks to rent it for holidays and long weekends.  Even during the summer.  I don't think there's another studio as sexy and glamorous as mine in the whole resort.  

When I'm back down for part of the winter I will not use it for that purpose.  Then the playroom is strictly for us and my personal guests. 

 I'll have a little rearranging and emptying of personal items  to get it ready for paying guests.  I have some friends who are leasing agents there for their own units and others that I trust implicitly to handle it.  

Plus, I'll get to see friends and sit in the sun naked and go to the club.  It will be a nice break.  I'm really looking forward to getting into that big jacuzzi again.  Want to join me?

What else is new? I finally found a classy male partner here for fetish and cukold fantasies.  He's straight so any MFM play will be also.  Cuckolds, you can watch us... he can watch you and I or he can jump in the pile.  I LOVE two men to play with!

My contact manager system is not letting me upload any more photos at the moment so the photo I had for him (drool worthy) is not on the gallery yet. It's explicit so it will be in the members only section when I can resolve the issue.

 His name is Sean. He's 40 something, 6' 2", 220 pounds of solid muscle.  Gorgeous, articulate and naughty like me.  And yes...he's well equipped!  Advance notice of course.  He's a professional in his everyday life so you must plan ahead.  NO he will not see guys on his own.  He's straight.  

Interested?  I'd be happy to send you his photo.  

And yes....I think Trevor will be available when I'm in Land O Lakes for all kinds of fun.  Again, advance notice.

Sunday afternoon I was talking to Sean when the smoke alarms started up.  I ended our call as I could smell smoke and see it coming out of the bedroom.  And my laundry closet.  As I opened the door the smell was strongly electrical. I'd been washing a blanket. I opened the windows, turned up the air and called maintenance.  Frantically grabbing the floggers, handcuffs, strap ons, etc off the back of the door and the new rack I'd put up.  

He showed up and he determined it wasn't just the belt on the washer machine but there was probably something wrong with the motor.  It's a stackable and a new one arrives Thursday.  It was sort of like the Keystone Cops for a moment.  I'm laughing as I'm grabbing things thinking my life is never boring. 

Good things are happening here.  My son arrives tomorrow late evening for a couple of days. There's a pool table at our office.  He happily gets lost.

I'll cook for him and I'll have him tackle my short honey do list.  It will be good to have at least one of my kids closer again.

Life is good! Cum see me.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, GILF and Goddess,



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