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Hello My Precious Boys,

It's simply a lovely morning.  Cooler, lower humidty, slight breeze.  It feels like fall is on the way.

This is not political.  We lost a great American yesterday.  Whether you agreed with him or not John McCain was an honorable, courageous and brave man.   Few have served this country as faithfully as he.

I only realized recently that  he and his wife were long behind the legislation that enabled Fosta/Sesta.   However, that does not diminish the man nor his service to our country.  May he rest in peace.

Friday night was dinner and jazz and saying goodbye to my favorite Albany bartender.  He's moving on to better things.  Many turned out to wish him well and it was a fun evening.  A restaurant acquaintance actually paid for my dinner.  That was a lovely surprise. 

I had a wonderful day with my family yesterday celebrating my brother-in-law's birthday.  Sis and I are a team in the kitchen.  She's a wonderful cook and baker and while I'm no slouch myself my chops are not what they used to be since I don't entertain in Albany the way I do in Florida.  Hopefully that will change as I make new friends here.  I totally enjoy entertaining those I love.  

It was lovely meeting more of her husband's family, spending time with my son, my brother and his wife.  Yes, I have a brother.  He does not approve of my nudist lifestyle nor my flamboyant personality so we're not chums.  But at least he is speaking to me now and he's making an attempt.   He has no idea I am back in Albany nor of my profession.  He or she could not handle it.  The rest of my family is supportive and accepting. 

I'm the eldest of three.   So it's fun watching all of us getting older in stages.  I led the pack.  He and I were close growing up.  2 years,10 months apart.  My sister is younger than I by 7 so she was the annoyance to our lives as kids.  lol  As adults we've become good friends.  Most of the time. 

I smudged and did a full moon ritual this morning with some suggestions from Alexx.  The  white sage I light usually smokes and burns out quickly.  Today it was a bonfire and burned the whole bundle.  I must have needed it.  I saw the moon almost full last evening and it's beautiful.  Hopefully tonight the skies will clear after predicted afternoon rain and I'll be able to see her in all her glory.  Luna!

I'm supposed to have a 2 hour birthday spanking session this afternoon.  Over the knee.  He's 25 so we'll see if he shows up.  I asked several times to make sure.  At that age,  other people's time matters not to most of them. (I WAS RIGHT, HE NO SHOWED AND DIDN'T CALL. ) I got ready to go out if he didn't.  Pic in the gear below.

However, occasionally a responsible and mature younger guy will surprise me.  I know his family raised him right.

That's about it.  I'm looking forward to a naughty and fun week.  I've been shopping for wardrobe for my next photo shoot which is moving to October.  I've found 2 hot outfits so far.  I'm looking forward to this and if you have any requests let me know.

I'm really excited about Tampa soon, seeing old friends and very happy to be going on another tour of Western NY and my wine tour.  This will be a fun month, September.

But not to hurry time, let's all enjoy each and every day life brings us in August.  After all, life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


ps...these and more new selfies are in the gallery.  Under SELFIES. 

I was getting dressed to head out for some "retail therapy. Trixie and Boom Boom say hello!

Before the no show Spanking Session.  I might be scared too. 



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