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Hello Boys,

It was 97 in Albany NY today.  The air so thick you could not breath.  THAT I would expect in Florida but not here.

But NO, there is not such thing as global warming according to some  Me..... I believe there are long seasonal patterns in this universe but I also believe that mankind has influenced them with the overpopulation and pollution.  But hey, what do I know.? I'm only a lowly companion.

I got a first taste of snobbery today.  I've been talking and texting with with someone from Saratoga who thinks he's important for the better part of a week and a half.  Why?  Because he thought he was schmoozing me and I was getting a kick out of seeing where he was going. Plus I've been bored. 

First, he called me drunker then a skunk one evening to do an outcall to him. I said no. Then calls all evening becoming more drunk.  When it finally came out that his wife was at work  and he could barely speak I stopped answering. I was glad I'd made the initial decision to say no.

I'm sorry, I am never comfortable going to someone's home while their wife is away  at work.  She could return unexpectantly any time.  That would be above and beyond embarrassing!

But that didn't stop him.  He kept calling and texting for days and now I'm curious to see how this was going to play out.  He'd totally forget previous conversations because he was so drunk.  But I'd screened him so I wasn't worried he was you know who. 

Finally today, after he again asked me to come to his home in Saratoga again I said no for the umpteenth time and he said and I quote. "You won't come to my 3 million dollar home but you want me to pay for a hotel?"  What I had suggested in one of  his more lucid moments was that he visit ME.  

I had never asked for a hotel.  The first night he didn't have enough cash so he wanted me to come and take a Rolex as collateral.  You see where this is going I'm sure.  My mother didn't raise a fool. 

I kept saying no.  To outcall, to dinner dates, to anything.  And tonight, he said,  "I'm NOT coming to you.  I can't believe that anyone would come to a one bedroom apartment. " I replied, "it's beautiful and my friends love it."  Then he proceeded to tell me that Albany was garbage and anything south of Clifton Park was rubbish. 

I think he was starting to get well oiled.  I called him a snob and gave him a referral to another gal  who will be  good fit for him. Then I blocked him. 

And you thought I was nice. Ha!

I can put up with a lot but that kind of condescension and snobbery has steam coming out of my ears usually.  However, the course I'm taking has allowed me to stand back and observe and not judge. At least not as much as I have in the past.   Truly a lot of the reason why I allowed the endless texts and conversations.  

However, tonight I judged when I called him a snob.  That....was not right.  But honestly....I couldn't resist.  

I need to do a lot more studying. LOL

But it sure felt damn good I have to say.  Mr Rich and important constantly calling and texting a provider and then insulting her.  Alexx suggested I call him late at night and hope his wife pick the phone up and tell him to stop calling hookers.  That made me laugh. Of course, I'd never, ever do that.  

Otherwise, that and despite the heat it's been a great week.  I had a wild session with a crossdresser new friend yesterday.  It was very, very hot time of tease and denial.

Then a late night Skype session.  He in his car with a smart phone.  I'm told by my friend A that is what a lot of guys do.  Tell their significant other that they are going to the store,  a ride, etc and then go to the cam sites.

No wonder escort business is down.  I don't believe for a moment that the economy is better.  Only for the 1%.  The rest of us are still plugging away hoping things will return to before 2008.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on that. or you can always comment here.  It's totally anonymous.

So, Amazon Prime tonight in my lowly one bedroom rubbish apartment.  I know I know, I'm going to milk this one for a long time.  LOL  Since there are a lot of rich and important people with million dollar plus plus plus homes in Saratoga you'll have no idea who this was. 

I'd rather meet my hard working every day guys, blue collar, state workers or small businessmen any day of the week then someone like Mr. Important.  He's unhappy and he told me so.  Money does not buy happiness.  

Me....I'm happy on my patio in the morning, having my coffee and being grateful for all life has brought my way.

Because, life is good! And I'm naughty!

Love and Kisses,




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