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Hello My Boys,

It's an okay day today weather wise.  We had some big thunderstorms last night and the sky looked more like it does when a tornado is on it's way.  Thankfully that did not happen. 

Today was the photo shoot.  Hair/makeup began at 11am...and the photographer arrived at 1pm.  We finished around 3:15. 

As usual, everything I tried on this week didn't please me and I thought I looked like a sausage squeezed into my bodycon red dress. There were some pieces missing to complete the looks I wanted.  So I headed to one of mall stores that sells slut wear and filled in the gaps yesterday.

But by last night I was not feeling great.  My body decided it was going to have a gastrointestinal episode.  I took a pill to help that was supposed to work overnight.  At 4 in the morning the cramps and pain began and I tossed and turned the rest of the night.  Still, by morning the little pill hadn't worked and I looked pregnant. 

Oh well, that's what good camera angles and photo shoppe is for.  By the time the photorapher arrived the puffy bloatedness was subsiding but I still felt like crap. Thank God for my stylist who is also a top notch make up artist. 

Thankfully I got through it, wardrobe looked okay, I wasn't ill and we worked hard. The results will arrive via Dropbox next week.  Of course, you'll be among the first to see the previews. 

I did a reprise of that naked on the bed with a fur throw selfie some of you have loved.  I wanted someone who knew what they were doing and my stylist said it was her favorite of all.  Sometimes less is more. 

I'm taking it easy tonight.  Still a long way from 100% but it'll pass.  The show must go on.

I'm very blessed to have such a good team here in Albany!  And...my stylist just might be moving to Tampa next year.  If not, I've another good group of folks to help me be beautiful there.

So...Rocky Horror was an absolute blast!  The Palace Theater was sold out and packed with crazy people of all ages.  One of the funniest things was all the toilet paper floating down from the balcony.  My friend A was a Rocky virgin and he did not know what to expect.  He seemed to really enjoy himself!   I think we'll be going again next year, getting there earlier to sit a little closer.  There was a full cast of talented folks performing in front of the movie.  Smallbany surprised me!

Just a great fun night!  Life is good.  Especially when you add a little kink to it!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


After the shoot.


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