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God Morning My Naughty Boys,

The sun is out this morning, it's a new moon moon and life is full of promise.  No matter what you feel about the election results.  Life does NOT revolve around poltics.  We may think it does but in the end we're powerless to control what happens.  So accept what is and move forward.  And stop snarling at people who don't share your views.  Life is too short for ugliness and it's negative energy that will come back to you. I'm so fond of writing, let's put a positive spin on the day and purge the stuff in our life that doesn't work with this new moon.  It's a chance to go forward with change.

Me?  I'm taking the renewed surge in business with me to Florida.  The photos are much better then I thought they'd be.  Remember my sausage belly?  LOL  And life is looking good.  After all, I'm heading south and I'm already booking for Balimore.  Today the Eros ad for the Carolina's goes up and tomorrow Atlanta.  For those of you in the Valdosta area you need to let me know soon if you want me to stop.  This time of year the snowbirds heading south are booking the interstate 75 hotels.  Since I'm heading down from Norcross/Atlanta that morning it's on the way.

If not...I'm going to try and make that long drive from Atlanta to home.  It's longer then I like to be in the car each day but I'm going to do it if I don't hear from you and soon.

I practice a big no no in this profession.  I never ask for the donation when you come in the door.  The reason?  I always want you to "forget it's a service" as best you can.  But after yesterday and happily arranging to see a returning friend that I haven't met in a while I am no longer going to continue that practice.

It was a demanding session.  He was hell bent to have two pops in an hour and I was too. VERY physical and toward the end not that enjoyable frankly.  But I got him there.  And then he asked the donation. He'd read the ad but hadn't bothered to check.  I hadn't seen him in over 3 years and it's NOT the same.  Even you expect a raise in your job and after the recession we all lowered our rates. Over the past few years since the economy improved it's edged back to almost where it was 15 years ago.  I don't think anyone wants the same pay they had 15 years ago but most all expect it of providers. 

When I told him he threw a tantrum.  That's too much..blah, blah, blah.  Taking no responsibility for his ignorance. and laziness to read the ad. I insisted!

Well, you can't get blood from a stone and he gave me most of what he had.  125 less then posted. I told him not to ever call me again.   It didn't matter that he'd had upscale, extended fun.  It didn't matter that I was dressed to the nines and offering an encounter in a stunning playroom and beautiful decorated play space. It didn't matter that he been demanding and begged me to do bareback.  I refused. 

So I am going to ask you to have the donation in hand,  leave it on the console table in my little entry at either of my places in Albany or Land O Lakes or place it on the counter of the bathroom in my hotel after you've washed your hands.

We don't have to discuss it. Please, just do it. It's been some time that someone has done this.  One bad apple ruins it for everyone else.  It's a shame!

Outside of that it's been a good week.  I'm getting my nails done this morning, seeing my hair stylist after and then hopefully playing this evening.  Whether in person or on Skype. It's all good!!! Pkease, do remember I'm NOT ON DEMAND on Skype. You need to call or email in advance to set a time to play. 518 258-0866. Please check my donation page for how to arrange the web cam playtime.  You can also check and if it says I'm ONLINE as Anneke Van Buren you may proceed. If it does not, I'm not available at that moment in time. 

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends on the return to Florida and making some new ones.  Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,







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