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Hello My Darling Boys,

It was 46 this morning in Land O Lakes.  A high of 64 predicted.  It's a good day to head out for lunch somewhere and then head to the grocery store for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day goodies.

My daughter has decided to stay in North Carolina so those plans to share the holiday and my place are done.  No worries, whatever she needs to do is fine with me.  I'm happy without the upheaval of my space and things but I will miss her.  I applaud her determination to make a decent living right where she is and build her business there. 

It's been a lovely weekend.  I've been talking to a new friend from the dating site and we finally had the chance to sneak in some time to meet Friday evening.  That's tough during the holidays as he has a very full life, lots of family and friends and plans already made for these next few days.  But meet we did.  Yowsah!  It was a magical evening of dinner and more and we'll see where it goes.  Yes he's single.  

Yesterday I got ready for a returning friend.  He arrived with a magnum of Louis Roderer champagne and lingerie.  I opened a smaller bottle of bubbly and then we played until it was time to dress for dinner.  Yes we went to Eddie V's.  Today is his birthday and as he left the table for a moment I whispered to Jesus, our server, "It's his birthday."  After a wonderful meal, Bananas Foster appearing flaming with a candle also, to his surprise.  Honestly, the best I've ever had.  This place never disappoints.

He had read about my trip to The Todd the other day and wanted to take me there for another Christmas gift.  It was his first visit and he was astonished how busy it was.  Mostly couples shopping for toys and sexy clothes.  We bought both. A sexy toy for him and a sexy outfit for me.  You'll see the pic below.  I'd driven so we headed back to my place and said goodnight. It had been a fun day!

I am available over the holiday although my plans aren't firm yet for social occasions.  He remarked, "I bet there's no biz on Christmas."  I replied, "You'd be surprised."   Not everyone is married with family. Many are alone this time of year and unless your perspective is positive that can be a very lonely place to be.  I'm here if you need some company.  

I've  picked out a candlelit service at 11pm that I want to attend Christmas Eve.  It looks like the church has a big choir and an orchesta.  Right up my alley.  I know it will be a wonderful way to celebrate with worship.  Don't ever assume that providers are not spiritual people.  Most of us are.  After all,  how else could we be safe, protected and prosperous if there wasn't some guiding hand in the Universe to watch over us?  What we do is loving, healing and important and I've never felt disapproval from my Higher Power.  

As I did Thanksgiving, if we've met in the past and you would like to join me for a home cooked meal you are welcome.  My old friend and former neighbor and maybe more will be here.  It's a simpler meal.  Ham with cherry sauce, the famous scalloped oysters of course, fruit salad and fresh asparagus.  I'm doing a gluten free diet now so the oyster dish will have to be the only grain I have. Maybe some ice cream for dessert.  Just give me a call. 518 258-0866.  Prosecco at 4pm. Dinner when we feel like it. 

Some of my favorite music for Christmas is Mannheim Steamroller's albums.  In particular,  their version of Silent Night.  My friend and I were listening to it in the car last evening as we pulled up to The Todd.  I asked if we could wait until it ended.  He didn't know how much it touches my heart.  Tears of joy were trying to pop out, me holding them back as I listened.   

And that my friends, is what this time of year is all about for me.  Reverence, joy, time with friends and most of all, gratefulness. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours with much love intended for you!

Life is good.

Love and Hugs and Kisses,




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