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Hi Peeps,

It's 35 this morning in Greenville but zooming up to 60 this afternoon.  That is a definite improvement from the past few days.

It was an uneventful ride up after an uneventful 3 days and 2 nights in Atlanta.  I had several pre-bookings and not one came to fruition.  One newbie made it to the parking lot but got nervous when he saw construction/remodeling on the hotel in which I was staying.  Then his questions made ME nervous, especially after the Super Bowl stings in Atlanta this past week.

So, he never made it to my door...mutually agreed upon.  But no one else did either,  Yes, people disappeared or didn't show up..  Not like Atlanta so I'm disappointed for sure. 

Of all the hotels I'd booked this was the most expensive with Super Bowl rates.  So far, Greenville has been quiet but an old friend, that I know will show up, will be here at 9am.  

Sometimes this happens.  Unfortunately this tour back was important for me as I'm not going to be able to work after surgery.  How long depends upon how I heal, how I feel and what the Dr. recommends.  I am sending my intentions out there for this slow down to end.....and soon.  Things will improve !  I know my Albany boys are waiting too.

Sunday night in Charlotte....can't sleep.

It's been an eventful weekend.  A 7am Saturday morning cancelled, ill, but thankfully a dear friend did arrive at 9am. He always is the perfect gentlemen and arrives with a goodie bag too.  Our time together is very, very naughty but always fun.   

After, I set out for lunch and stopped at a CVS to get some eye drops.  As I left the parking lot I heard a thump, thump. Oh no....I pulled back into a parking space and sure enough, my right rear tire was flat.  The same one I'f had fixed two weeks ago, (fat chance) and also had checked before I left Florida.  

I called my Roadside Assistance, was assured they would arrive in 45 minutes.  After an hour, I called back and found the help was not on the way.  I'd already found the closest tire store, Pep Boys, .2 of a mile away.  They suggested I call their towing company but while the phone rang and rang no one answered.  

In desperation I found a private company.  The trunk of my car has 1000 pounds of my son's tool in it. There was no way I could change a tire.  So my ride showed up, he pulled my car onto the flat bed, I hauled myself up into the cab and off we went. two blocks to Pep Boys. 5 hours  and $241 later after it began I had a new tire.  The sidewall had a hole in it. Argh!

Some of you who follow me on Twitter watched my feed unfold over the day.  Yeah, I kept my cool, although at times I just wanted to cry.  It had been a crappy week so far.

But I said to self, "Self, it's gonna get better!"  And drove right to a steak house, had a huge martini and a prime rib and at least felt better. 

I slept well and had a relaxed morning, a great breakfast and hit the road for Charlotte at noon.  It's only a 100 mile jaunt so I was IN my hotel room and unpacking my 2:30. I had a new friend on the way.

And a hot one he was!  After, I hopped the hotel shuttle to Rock Bottom Brewery for dinner, their Carolina Gold lager and football.   My seatmate on my left was an interesting guy who was getting just a little too friendly but the time I left after half time.  I think he thought he'd found his new girlfriend.  Too many beers can do that to you.  But we did exchange numbers so who knows.  

Tomorrow is looking good, thankfully.  I've got a lot of making up to do for the dry spell in Atlanta.  While I do have an Eros ad up for Tysons Corner, VA I'm still not sure if I'll stop.  I'll need a pre-booking soon to do so.  I have to cancel it by Tuesday.  Or switch it to just one night.  As I've said, I'll let you know.

My eyelids are finally getting droopy so I'm going to try and get to sleep....again.  I do not have to awaken early so...

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



What I'm wearing this morning.  

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