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Good Morning My Boys,

It's spring.  There is a change in the air even though we had a dusting of snow last night.  It's 29, winds at 23 so it feels like 15.  It looks lovely out my windows into the woods.  Just not so great being out IN it but the promise of warmer weather the end of next week is encouraging. 

I slept long last evening and this seems what I must do right now.  Rest helps the body heal better and sooner. Although I am pleased with where I am just a bit over three weeks since surgery.   So is my physical therapist.

I'm walking without any aids although I do take the cane with me when I go out. I have no pain in my hip or my leg.  Something that I've endured for years. And in the last year or so, the limp was apparent.  That's gone and my new hip is working beautifully.   I'm driving,  doing whatever shopping I need to do, groceries, etc, laundry,  preparing my own meals, keeping the place picked up, without help or any pain doing so.  What a blessing!

I've been doing  Skype sessions although the phone is ringing and I am seeing Reservation Forms completed.  This is always a slow time of year for everyone so I'm not in the least bit concerned.  The universe has sent just the right people at the right time.  I'm very grateful!  But I really would enjoy more one on one encounters.  We all need to be touched!

Eros has been busy censoring everyone's ads and photos.  I'm not the only one and some of their reasoning makes absolutely no sense as I see girls on their site who obviously haven't been hasseled.  But mark my words, the nudity will be disappearing.  Gals in beautiful long dresses that cover everything but have sheer parts here and there.....banned.

My photosgrapher in Houston thinks they are making their site so vanilla that the guys are going to their porn sites. I've heard they also own which is absolutely useless and inaccurate.

Once our numbers and our website links.  Somewhere discreet. 

We're all trying to figure out what they are doing.'s my opinion they are taking advantage of a bad situation here in the states and ripping us off as much as they can as long as they can.  So much for Fosta/Sesta keeping gals safer. is no longer accepting new members.  If you are already a member, keep your membership up to date!

But is accepting new members.  They have been around since 1983 and they have a flawless track record of service.  Every girl is verified as well as you. Yes, they discreetly but thoroughly screen. You do have to pay to join.   But this means if you travel for business you can be confident that you will not be ripped off by some fly by night "escort" and me, as an escort can trust that you are safe and not LE.  That is huge!  And if YOU are being bad, Cathy knows about it and will tell us. 

Unfortunately, the Albany guys don't know they exist.  But NYC and most other major cities around the country, Europe and especially Chicago do.  So....consider joining.  I don't get a thing for recommending them except peace of mind.  I know the owner personally and she's a doll.  She always has our backs when everyone else is stabbing us in them.  

Think about this!

Not much else.  I've been reading a lot of John Sanford's books, the Prey series, Virgil Fox, etc, also the very funny Stephanie Plum books and I just finished "Where the Crawdad's Sing."   I loved it but I have the sense that even though it's at the top of the NYTimes best seller list it's more a chick book.  It's a beautifully crafted novel. 

I'm also reading the second book "Using a Bug Free Mind" by Andy Shaw.....the continuation from book 1, "Creating a Bug Free Mind."   It's even more powerful then the first and our little study group will meet again via Skype next Monday evening.  

And of course, I'm still reprising Game of Thrones before the new series begins April 14.

Check my Florida dates are up for the end of May.  I really wish I could be there now but NO flying for me.  They worry about DVT after surgery for several weeks.  Also no long drives.  To hone the point, my sister in law now has blood clots behind one leg and in her lungs from the brain biopsy.  Sad to say, it's not sounding promising and my brother is devastated.  Sis and I are planning to see her next week.

My sweet cousin and best pal growing up lost her husband last week so it seems our family is seeing the circle of life unfold in real time.  So, this little quote from Alexx this morning is even more meaningful.  Take a moment and think about it.

Because life is good.  Now come and see me! 

"The purpose of this glorious life 
is not to simply endure it, but to 
soar, stumble, and flourish as you 
fall in love with existence.
You were born to live my dear,
not to merely exist"

(becca lee)

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


The photo Eros banned. It hints I'm totally nude under the sheet. Now a no no and if I'd had panties showing it would have been okay.  For two years it's been fine. Ridiculous in my opinion. 



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