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Hello My Friends,

The temperature is starting to head in the right direction.  While it was still chilly this morning it's predicted to be almost 50, definitely in the 50's the next two days and possibly 66 on Saturday.  I try not to look at Tampa. lol

PT this morning and it's going well.  After, I took myself to lunch and then to Home Goods.  I can't tell you how fabulous it was to walk around a store without pain and not limping.   I had to pinch myself.  Now that is a sure sign that life is getting back to normal.  I'm even going to run the vacuum this afternoon.

Friday I'm meeting my Sis, my cousin, hopefully my brother and sisterinlaw for lunch.  Sis and I swapped cars when I could not safetly get into mine.  Now I can. 

Plus she has a Trump/Pence  and an NRA sticker on her car.   I've noticed more then one person riding my bumper or giving a mean look when they pass me.  I want to put a sign on her back window,  "It's not MY car."  While I'm most grateful to have had wheels that I could use I can't wait to get my own back.  I feel like a target going down the road.

For heaven's sake people, get over yourselves.  Life doesn't involve around politics.  They are going to do exactly what corporate America pays them to do in DC and we have no effect.  Why get your shorts in a wad all the time if we have no say?  And...let's face it, we don't.  It's a frightening but true reality.  

Otherwise, life is getting  back to normal.   At least MY normal.  I have a spanking session tomorrow and possibly a former slave returns Friday.  Then Saturday a new friend.  Mix in the Skype and things are starting to get  naughtier. 

I have a young friend from Minnesota from Fetlife who texts me all his really kinky exploits and while that lights a fire it doesn't help.    You know, as well as I, that masturbation only solves part of the need we all have.  So get yourselves back here!  There's still lots of trouble we can get into.  And I'm seriously thinking of getting that Fleshlight within the next couple of days.

I spoke with my Houston photographer today and she proposed coming to ME in Land O Lakes when I return after Memorial Day.  I've filmed there before and she might be able to drum up some other business with the Tampa gals.  I still haven't decided how long I'll stay.  I'n going to need a little Florida by then. 

In the meantime, let's have some fun!  We're only limited by our imaginations!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend  Goddess and GILF,





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