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Hello My Darling Boys,

It's 58 heading to 66.  I'm heading out into the warmer weather soon.  Banking, lunch, shopping, groceries, etc.  The usual stuff that we all do in our daily life.

Except mine started in leather and chains and reducing a big adorable guy to serving me, licking my boots and feet.  Just what he wanted.  Things are never dull around here.  Thursday it was a spanking session.  We counted down the last 30 licks with a paddle.  Yes, his bum was very red but that made him happy. 

There no place like Anneke's for kink in Albany.  Good for me but sad for Upstate NY.

Yes, I'll change before I run my errands.  In Florida I could walk out the door in the get up and no one would bat an eye.  It's makes me chuckle thinking about what would happen here if I did

Yesterday I had PT and then met my sis, brother in law and cousin for lunch at P.F. Changs.  My brother and his wife never made it as she was not having a good day.   I feel badly for them. 

Then it was home for a half hour Skype session with a new friend from Florida.  Hopefully we'll meet in person when I return.  Another adorable young one.

Last night, Hercule Poirot and Amazon Prime.  And it's been a James Bond week also.  Interestingly those films from the 60's/70's with Sean Connery seem so sexist to me now.  I remember then,  that attitude toward women was accepted and I didn't think twice about it.  If you's not the same in the new James Bond films.  Thankfully.

Then a long chat with my daughter.  We are seriously thinking about going to San Miguel Allende for the Day of the Dead celebrations,  Oct. 27-Nov.3.  She had reservations last year that she had to cancel and the hotel owner said she'd honor them.   Then maybe on to Tulum for a few days.   I'm thinking this is a very good idea.  The scene in Spectre with the Day of the Dead was NOT in Mexico City as the film pretends, but filmed in San Miguel.  It's named as one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and supposedly safe. 

On another note, here is a reminder to some of you that I should not have to make.  Do not text or write anything sexually explicit if you want to meet for the first time.  Ever.  Until sex work is decriminalized that's a foolish thing to do and a huge no no to me.  Approach any provider with the utmost respect or you won't be meeting her at all.  We're not putting up with that nonsense.

The other tidbit is to those of you I know.  Please...delete your texts to me after you send them.  Don't leave your phone open or not protected by a password.  Wives and girlfriends do spy.  You're kidding yourself if you think they don't.

End of lectures.

I'm going change and hit the errand trail.  Have a fabulous weekend and stay safe.  And cum and see me soon!

Life is good.

Smiles and Soft Kisses From Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Yes, it's curly hair this week. Too lazy to stand there to blow it out straight right now. 


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