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Good Morning Peeps,

It's sunny, 41 and heading to 58 today.   However,  high winds are accompanying the warmer temps.

I'd love to take a ride somewhere but my car sounds like it's falling apart.

In Virginia I ran over a median.  Yep...with 1000 pounds of tools in the trunk.  Don't ask.  When it happened I thought, "Oh no, the bottom of the car is ripped off."

I pulled over and looked as best I could.  I drove to my sister's on the way back and had my son look at it.  He climbed under the car and said it looked okay.  The mufflers weren't hanging...nothing looking like it was broken or falling off.

In a couple of weeks, I noticed a rattle in the trunk.  I had him look at it again and he tore the trunk apart.  Nothing.  It was at my sister's after the surgery, when we swapped cars he checked it out again.  I just swapped back last Friday and now it rattles all the time.  I know I have to get it realigned and hopefully when they get it up on the rack they can find out what's wrong.  I'm praying it's someting minor. 

Honestly,  expensive repair bills  or a new used car are not in the budget during this slow down time. .  Yes, Skype has been great and I've managed with that and the few appts I've had.  But there ain't no rainy day fund left.  So all I can do is trust that it's not a major problem and they can find it.  I had hoped to get 200,000 plus miles out of this car.  It's a Nissan, highly possible and I've always done the schedule maintenance but if there's something major going wrong....  So no long rides in the country for now. 

On a very positive note I'm doing great.  I'm went to PT this morning.  We're adding more weight to the leg lifts and I've been doing squats for a couple of weeks.  Yep, my butt is looking pretty good.

I'm continuing to do my exercises at home on the days that I do not go.  No pain....no cane.  I can put my own socks on with no problems.  Those of you who've had this surgery know what I'm speaking of. lol

I watched a similar surgery the other day.  I wish I hadn't.   But now I really get it.  It's pretty damned amazing that I'm up and about and naughty.  It's also understandable why I won't be able to f--- for a while.  In my honesty with callers it's been a business killer sorry to say.  I really thought my old friends would still return.  I guess I was unrealistic but I'm still hopeful that Skype and Fetish sessions will continue to carry the day.  Thoughtful friends have been a blessing!

I've set the date and booked my flight for my next trip to Tampa/Land O Lakes.  May 28 to June 6th.  If things are good there I may stay longer but summer in the Northeast brings tourism to Upstate NY and it gets busier.  

Here, we've all been watching the machinations of  Governor Andrew Cuomo and the legislature manipulating the State of New York budget.   They call him King Andrew.

There's a big budget shortfall and he's slashing money everywhere.  Especially to Upstate NY schools, infrastructure and adding new taxes to pay for it all.   One new measure proposed...college tuition for students who are here illegally.  I know, that just boggles the mind. 

Thankfully, my residency is still in Florida.   Folks here are up in arms and businesses and homeowners are leaving the state in droves.   Part of the shortfall.  Less revenue..  It's hilarious watching it all but sad and scary.  Coupled with rumors of another recession toward the end of the year, people are getting nervous.  J

I'm signing the lease here for another year with trepidation.  As Alexx says,  tour if you have to now that you are feeling better and able.  It's an option.  Strangely I've had a LOT of requests for the west coast and Minneapolis keeps popping up.  I'm giving touring some cities I haven't returned to in years a thought.  But so is every other provider in the country.  This constant churn of visiting girls spoils you but guys not showing up for appointments when they are on tour makes a disaster for them.  I'm going to have to think long and hard about any touring.  It's always good to have options.

But I've said it before, support your local providers if they offer consistent and good service.  If you do, they won't have to tour and your favorite gal will be around most of the time. 

Here's a new site for you to peruse instead.  www.tryst.link  from the Switter folks.  Yes I have a profile there.  As usual you still should screen the girl before you contact her.  Yep, the cops are everywhere. Including Eros who is giving me fits again. 

Everyday it's a new rule.   But they don't tell you the rules.  You don't know what it is until they object and won't put your ad up.  Oh, they take your money for sure, but they give you such a hard time I would LOVE to see someone else run them out of business.  They are greedy and care nothing about their advertisers who support them.  Like ME.

By the way, if you need an Anneke Fixxx but the chances are slim we'll meet soon or ever, there's Skype...check the SKYPE page here or  go to my xxx films at www.annekexposed.com   340 plus clips available that are really inexpensive for a quick bit of fun.

Better yet, come see me and we'll make life even better.  It already is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS...the 24 hour advance notice rule is for NEW friends....not returning ones.  And if we've met in the last 6 months your donation is the same.  If I know you, you can text, check to see IF I'm available on short notice and not pay a deposit for dinner dates or longer ones.   I have not been offering outcall to new friends after surgery but if I know you well, it will be fine.  Just not if you are staying on Wolf Road.  Colonie has undercover police IN the hotels.  Be careful out there as  you travel!


For those of you who care....here's the latest on the Florida arrests centered around the Asian spas and Robert Kraft. PLEASE read the last sentences to see what happened to the women arrested.  All it takes is money. 

Robert Kraft Update  This is from www.reason.com  Something you should follow.

"Florida police have been trying to strike deals with the men they charged in massage-parlor prostitution stings in and around Palm Beach. County prosecutors offered to drop misdemeanor solicitation charges against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and other men if they would take classes about why prostitution is bad, pay a $5,000 fine, do community service, and (in what's known as an Alford plea) say that the state had enough evidence to have found them guilty if the case had gone to trial. Kraft—who has pleaded not guilty—said no way. Now his lawyers are pushing for the case to not only go to trial but be heard before a jury, not just a judge.

Kraft was one of 24 men targeted by Palm Beach County police. Prostitution stings in neighboring counties—joined by the Department of Homeland Security—led to the arrest of around 275 more men on misdemeanor charges of soliciting prostitution, authorities say. No one was charged with sex trafficking, abduction, assault, compelling prostitution, extortion, or any other charges that involve violence, force, coercion, minors, human smuggling, or fraud. The middle-aged women working at the raided spa and massage businesses are, however, having their assets taken by the county as they sit in jail on various prostitution charges."


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