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Hello Peeps,

I'm actually writing this on Friday evening because I'm bored and I have a playtime at 11am tomorrow morning. It snowed this late afternoon and stuck.  But just a trace, however it was really pretty.

It's been a VERY quiet week.  Some of you have called to see how I am.  The minute I say I can't do intercourse I hear the hesitation.  Most of you that have called, most of the time we've never ever got to that part.  I've finally figured out that because I said I can't do that yet now you have to have it.  LOL

So  it's been a very slow week despite the great strides I've made.  Very frustrating and I'm horny.  Which has led me to do some research on the title above. 

I've not been convinced that my surgeon's assessment of 4-6 months of no intercourse is right.  He's been opposite about a lot of the PT instructions, as my therapist has said.  And even though I'm researching doesn't mean it's going to happen. I see him on the 16th. 

NOW...don't get too excited  BUT I do think it's going to happen  sooner then he says.  In the end I'll still listen to his advice.   Above all, I'll be safe and prudent.  Waiting a few weeks more for intercourse is wiser then screwing myself up for the rest of my life....to screw.  Especially when I have other abilities. 

This is  whole link if you are interested. 

https://www.peerwell.co/blog/2016/05/25/sex-after-joint-replacement-surgery-how-to/   I've also looked at several other articles. 

SAFE POSITIONS NOW;   Oral..... giving AND receiving .  69 -- me on the bottom.   

Russian;.  In other words, a titty fuck.  I knowTrixie and Boom Boom would love this. Lube em up and it's very much like bareback.  Or so I'm told. 

Mutual masturbation; hand jobs. 

SKYPE, this has been more fun then I imagined!

SAFE SOON BELOW, stay posted. 

Missionary Position—This  is MY favorite, always has been and is one of the safest positions for men and women after a hip or knee replacement. The female should assume the bottom position, keeping her legs straight. Pillows can be used to support the surgical leg.  Forget the legs behind my head however. 

Sitting in a Chair—The man should sit in a firm chair with his feet flat on the floor. The woman then sits on the man’s lap.    I kind of like the sound of this one above.   I've always wanted to try this.  

Standing Position—This position works for a man or woman. The hip should be healed enough to support sturdy standing.  Which means I should be able to use a strap on too!  Whoo Hoo!

Cowgirl Sitting Upright;  This one is gonna be awhile yet. 


Doggy Style—The woman is on her hands and knees and her partner is behind.  
L-Shaped Side Sex—The woman is on her back, with her pelvis lifted. Her lower body is turned to the right into her partner.
Face-to-Face Side Sex—Lying on her side the woman wraps her leg on top of her partner.   No cross body positions.
Woman Crouched on Top—The woman is on top with her legs bent, leaning forward onto the man's chest.  This is a learning Cowgirl.  Too much flexion in the hip joint.

I hope that sheds some light and some of you can stop thinking I can't do anything. 

PT was great this morning.  I'm doing squats,  leg lifts with weights,  side lifts, step training,  a ball between my legs for adductors, resistance bands for abbductors, the bridge lift and butt kicks with weights for the glutes.   I've also started upper body training at home using my own weight and resistance.  Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer so I'm going to take a walk.  I've been out and about shopping in some big stores but that's not really cardio.  I think the PT gal is going to add the bicycle next week.

The side benefit of all this above is that my butt is firming right up.  Legs too while gaining flexibility and strength.  It's going to be several months before any real yoga because of the cross body movement and extreme hip flexion more then 90 degrees.  Chair yoga is allowed but who the hell wants to do that?  I'm not joining  chair yoga class with the 90 year olds. At least not for a while. lol

SATURDAY; Playtime at 11am.  I had several big oral O's and so did he.  Boy did I need them and he was a cunnilinguist par excellance!  Then I had a walk around our complex,  went to Home Depot, TJMaxx, Reel Seafood for happy hour raw clams and turned into a couch potato the rest of the evening.  Britbox Gardners' World is back for the 2019 season.  Heaven!

Life is good and sex is good for you.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


BEFORE PT FRIDAY MORNING                                FRIDAY NIGHT/FARMER'S MANURE  (what we called it)



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