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Good Morning Peeps,

The temps dipped again last night but that's life here this time of year.  However, it's sunny and blue, blue skies.  All is still right with the world.

Except....I am so bored my teeth ache.  Not much is going on, sorry to say.  But it is right before taxes are due so I'll give you all the benefit of the doubt as to why you are not HERE.

This morning.

Sunday evening is the Final Season opening of Game of Thrones.  I know where I'll be but I'm thinking it might be a fun time to share with friends.  SO if we've met, and this part is a MUST, you're welcome to come share it with me.  BYOB if you want to partake in an adult beverage.  I do need advance notice. We'll begin at 8pm.  No donation for a social event like this.

I'm off to PT in a few minutes and then on to my hair stylist.  Tomorrow is nails.  Yes I'm having the daggers put back on.  While having short nails is definitely easier I feel like a part of my glamorous self is missing.  And I can't run them up and down your.......well, you know.

I'm thinking I might also head out for some dinner and jazz tonight.  I haven't been partaking of booze so it won't be a problem driving.  Why?  Strictly to help with diet.  But I'm amazed at the increased enrgy I have with no  or little alcohol in my system.  Oh, I'll have one upon occasion or if we share dinner together but I think that's my future.  I feel too good without it.  Certainly fewer empty calories too.

I was encouraged by my visit to my sister-in-law and brother.  She began radiation Monday, chemo is now a daily pill.   She's so positive and looks great.  She just could beat this with her attitude alone.  

So....off to continue being a better and improved me.  I can't wait to being more fit.  Something I just couldn't do with that creaky old hip.  I am blessed!

This evening

A favorite friend stopped by after the salon this afternoon.  We made out like teenagers and used all my "other" available skills and had a great time.  Tomorrow morning I have a fetish appointment.

Someone new contacted me tonight and after he agreed we could skip THE step I got him screened to see him at his hotel tomorrow evening.  Then the kicker....he wanted me to get drunk.  Well, to party too, but I don't...ever.  I explained why and in the end he wanted a drunken woman.  I passed.  I know full well he'd be drunk too and any promises to abide by my limitations right now would  1.probably go out the window and  2. I'd get hurt. 

I cannot jeopardize my recovery for any amount of a donation.   Even though I admittedly chafe at the restrictions.  I know those of you who  do know me don't expect that and wouldn't ask.  Thank you and I love all of you who are respectful and value our friendship. 

Life is good!   Please cum and see me.....here or on camera.  Using my toys isn't as much fun as with YOU!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddeess and GILF,












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