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Hi Peeps,

It's going to be gorgeous today and I'm hoping to go for a walk after lunch settles today.  I've been trying to get myself in a better sleep pattern.  Since surgery I've been sleeping longer and later.  So I'm trying to get to bed earlier and waking up at a more productive time.

I had my hair done Wednesday and my nails Thursday.  Although my nail tech hadn't planned enough time to take them from short to spectacular.  We booked enough time to do that in two weeks. 

Yesterday was PT,  spray tan, a quick lunch out and back for a hot afternoon Skype session.  I just love seeing my guys get so turned on via cam.  It always surprises me that it's so erotic for them.   

Many years ago when I was first single,  I found Yahoo chat.  I'd be up all hours of the night whacking off with guys from all over the world.  So why I'm surprised now, surprises me. lol   It was the early stages of internet dating and I was like a kid in the candy store. I made a LOT of mistakes but it also brought me life's experiences.  I learned what men wanted quickly.  

It was a freakin' revolving door to my bachelorette pad those first few years until I wised up.  I figured it was a lot smarter to receive a gift for a one night stand then to let it be gratis.  Especially if I was never going to see the guy again.

And I was slipping further into poverty.   So, as a lifestyle person crossing that "line" was easy.  

There's all kinds of sex work.  In my opinion, dating is sex work.  And if there was no promise of sex in marriage, it's my opinion that very few men would marry.  That may be harsh but it's close to the truth.

Last night, after the skype session I changed and headed to my fav place for dinner and jazz.  It was great to see familiar faces and my favorite bar keep.  One elderly lady, who is part of a couple and a neighbor when I was here before, has memory issues.  Bless her as she kept asking me the same thing every other minute.  Still, they are out and about every night of the week and I think he does that so she doesn't sink further into oblivion.  They've been together 25 plus years and all night long she says,  "isn't he wonderful?"  I love that she still feels that way even if she forgets that she said it twenty times before.  

Nice duo, keyboard and sax. It's a small place and sometimes they get carried away and too loud so you can't begin to talk to your seatmate.  Still, fun.  

It was a good week.  Biz is picking up and I think will continue now that tax time is about over and it's dawning on some of you that I'm not a cripple.  Trixie and Boom Boom aided and abetted in a happy ending the other day.  Lots of fun!  And Skype....is always an adventure.  

I'd like to say thank you again to those of you who have been so thoughtful and generous in so many different ways.  I'll admit it's been difficult not being able to do all I want and share all I want to share yet.  Thankfully, the universe has sent understanding and appreciative folks my way.  Some I haven't even met.  Truly amazing!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


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