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Hi Peeps,

I'm writing this update just once this week in stages  so I don't forget a thing.

It's Saturday morning, the day before Easter and while it was warm enough to sit outside and have my coffee it's now begun to rain.  Still, it's 68, almost balmy. 

Sunday the14th of April was relatively quiet except for the season beginning of Game of Thrones.  As usual, my hair was standing on end after the program.  Wowsah!

Monday started off with PT, errands and a wild fetish session mid-afternoon.   I had gotten back from errands and had a little talk with my guardian angel Andrea...."Come on, let's get going, I need and want to work. Where are my regulars?" 

I swear, it wasn't but a short time and the phone rang. One of my past acquaintances called.  I never mind seeing old friends on short notice if I have the time, can be properly groomed and I'm well rested.  All were present. 

As soon as we said goodbye I hopped online and there was a gift from a favorite friend.  I thanked him and Andrea. 

Tuesday,  I saw my surgeon.  He said the hip looked great.  And I can, fly, drive long distances as long as I get out and stretch. (I've always done this), go back to the gym and yoga and kneel.   Ah ha....you know what that means boys.  LOL  

I have an internal suture that poked out so he fiddled with and removed it and so I have to go back in a week.  THEN I'm going to ask about intercourse.  It may still be a while longer but I am most definitely heading in a good direction!

I drove over to Rotterdam to the adult store after lunch.  They are really crummy here but I finally bought that self stroker for me to play with you.  It's a Doc Johnson.  If you can't have that part of me right now you can have porn star Dani Daniels'.  I can't wait to use it.

Returning home I did my first yoga session since the end of February.   While that right hip will still have some tightness for a while I was able to getting into a sitting pose.  I have six more weeks of PT so I'm expecting it will loosen up.

The phone rang all day but it was all, new folks who wanted last minute/no screening.  Sorry, not happening.  One young guy yelled..."but I've got cash."  I told him I didn't care what he had, he wasn't walking in my door without my knowing who he was.....and hung up.  Sometimes....my patience wears out.  A cop probably wouldn't say that but you never know.  They are getting trickier. 


I read until 1am and so I slept in until 8:30.  Really...why do I need to get up earlier? I'm having my coffee and a smoothie, watching the birds at my feeder.   Whoever else was feeding them in the neighborhood must have stopped and so they've decided to grace me with their wonderful presence.  I'm watching the red male cardinal now.  A gift from nature in his bright plummage.

On to PT at 11 and then I have another hair salon visit.  She didn't quite get it right last week so I'm returning, gratis, to complete the color.  Next week....the long nails return.  

 I stopped in my old gym yesterday and was astounded at how much they wanted me to pay to rejoin.  The monthly fee is low.  It's all the membership sign up and fees that add up.  So I'm going to look around.  All I want is a recumbent bike and some weights.  No classes. 

I have a short fetish session this afternoon and then I think I'll have dinner and jazz at another favorite Albany hangout. Convivial atmosphere,  good Northern Italian and good music.  Win, win!


I did go out last evening to another of my fav places for dinner and jazz.  Pic below. It was a lazy, quiet day but I did get a yoga session in and then just took it easy last night.  It's probably going to be quiet from now until next week, with the Capital District on Easter break.  Lord....I hope not.  The rent is due on both places on the first of May. lol 


PT this morning, then lunch at my local Cheers.  They have a great chicken caesar so I behaved myself.  I'm trying really hard to get back in better shape and drop some weight.  I'm not buying a stick of clothing until I do.  (Of course, I could not go shopping for a LONG time and I'd still have plenty to wear.  Even here in my Albany closet.  I  have some outfits from an online clothier, Nasty Gal,  that I never could squeeze into so they are my goal.  Hot, hot, hot.

Saturday morning

It's interesting.  Yesterday afternoon/evening saw all kinds of calls/requests to meet this weekend.  Today already also but either they don't want to screen, don't like the donation or don't like that I can't f---.   Not a thing I can do about any of it so it may be a quiet weekend.   Tomorrow I'm heading to Sis's for Easter dinner at 1pm.  It will be good to be with family for the day.  I really haven't been far since the surgery so it will seem good to drive the bucket of bolts down the Thruway.  I still don't know what is rattling around in the trunk.  So far, the wheels haven't fallen off so I'm okay.

But the day is young and anything might happen.   I'm going to get hair and makeup done just in case and maybe have lunch or dinner out.  Whatever might happen...

Life is good.   I hope you and yours will have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Love and Kisses,




After the Fetish session Monday.  CBT, sounding, huge dildos, Wartenburg wheel, fisting and a huge O for him.  You can see I'm pleased. 

 Before the Wednesday playtime.

Wednesday Night Dinner and Jazz



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