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Hello Boys,

We've had some nice weather the past few days.  As if to remind us that we're still in the Northeast it's not going above 53 today, gray and windy.  No coffee on the patio this morning.

Alexx and I both expressed the desire in our morning messages yesterday to "plant something."  I even went to Home Depot but their selection was whimpy.  

But I did take a drive down to Washington Park to check on the tulips.  As you'll see below some are up but it's probably a good thing we've had it become a little cooler.  Too much warm weather would have them in full bloom ahead of the Tulip Festival.  Not a good thing.

So what have I been doing?  Nothing naughty. You all disappeared.  Even my Skype friends.  Now that I'm fit for duty I'm really horny.  

I was doing yoga yesterday morning and there is a series of poses for the abdomen.  You know the scissor kicks?  I've had a difficult time doing them for years.  I tried it for the first time yesterday and found it didn't hurt.....at all.  I laid on the floor and wept I was so grateful.  It's truly amazing what the surgery did for me.  I feel better then I have in years.  

I know, I know, big deal Anneke, people have this surgery all the time.  Yep...and they all say the same thing, it's life changing and "I should have done it sooner."   So be patient with me.  It was a big deal and I'm still rejoicing! 

For my Tampa friends I've been looking at Taco Week in Tampa...April 18-28 in preparation for Cinque De Mayo.  Look it up!  There are some interesting options for dining as all types of restaurants are featuring a  taco entree for this event aside from their regular menu.   

I've now made a list of new restaurants all over Tampa Bay that I want to try when I return.  One of the things I so love about the Tampa area.  Variety!  And a very free attitude.  I think the warm weather influences that sexy outlook.

One friend of Annekepleasures sent me an email last evening with a link to an ad on cityx.  It's an elcheapo site.

The poster had used my photos from the Scores 40 Something Shoot in 2008.  Explicit ones.  Advertising as 41.  I wrote to the person and the site demanding they take them down. I really appreciate that head's up.

I think it's pretty rotten that someone has to use someone else's photos to garner business.  Another reason why you guys need to do your homework and make sure the girl really is the girl in the photos.   There's one asian model who is stunning and you'll see the same face everywhere for the crappy backpage clone websites.   It's called bait and switch boys and it's done all the time.

So....that's all I have for you.  I do have a date tonight to meet a swinger site guy for a drink.  I'm thinking I won't renew my membership but I say that every time and still do.  Intention springs eternal that I'll find a boyfriend/s who can accept and embrace my profession and my nudist lifestyle.  (Well, there are a whole lot of other things on the list too.)  He's out there....I just haven't met him yet.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



At the park. 



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