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Good Morning Boys,

It's a dreary day outside for May Day.  44,  gray with no sun in sight for days.  That's the Hudson River Valley weather however.  The Port of Albany is at sea level.  One reason why Henry Hudson made his way this far inland. 

My Florida visit at the end of the month is feeling more enticing by the day.  Of course, if it doesn't warm up here before then, stepping out of baggage claim at TPA into the high eighties with high humidity will be a shock!  

I'll just have to get nekkid asap.

As soon as I arrive it will be a scramble to procure the luggage,  get Uber and get through our gate, change and head down to our Bug Free Mind group meeting.  It could be the last one as our leader is tiring of having to baby us through the book.  Some of us that is.   This last chapter was the culmination of almost a year and a half of preparation for how to create what we desire in our lives.   Several folks began and left. There were all kinds of steps and work along the way but it's been an amazing journey.  Especially watching others in the group change and grow.   We're finishing the second book this month.  

I desire to be back at the top of my game and traveling wherever I want again.   More fit, more energy, no pain, lustier then ever and living life to the fullest for all the years I have left on this planet. 

We were asked to list those desires of our heart and mine is to continue to work at a profession I love.  Rebranding, growing and expanding the skills I've gained through time and experience and listening to the needs of my friends i will create what i desire.  And more importantly have a fun and fulfilling mission along the way.  Steve Jobs said, "Do what you love and you will be successful."    I have been blessed haven't I?

I've tucked a few selfies in at the bottom, taken before my old friend stopped by Saturday afternoon for a session of kink.  I thought some fetish attire would be fitting and I wore my sky high vinyl thigh hi boots for the first time since last December.  And I could. 

He loves to experiment with new practices so my Tens unit came out.  Strangely he didn't feel the powerful electrical stimulation even on high.  Well, I wasn't deterred and whipped out my wand that has a powerful vibrator AND an electrical stimulator.  It has thin metal bands around the top of the head and  he felt the electrical charge this time. Then we completed with good ole missionary.   LOTS of fun as always.

You ask,  how am I doing?  I'm really doing great and I'm hoping you'll stop thinking I can't do the things I've done in the past.  I can and more.  Remember I'm bionic now so if you are worried you are going to hurt me....don't.  The Dr. said it's okay and this past week's call to action proved I am.  So get your cute selves back here.   And take your vitamins!

My son had been here for a couple of days.  Expanding my patio with a little flagstone area,  clearing some fallen trees out back, fixing my coffee table and generally eating me out of house and home.  It's been fun cooking for two although he has the appetite of three.  No worry about leftovers when he visits.  He left today and the company has been great.  AND he knows now to get lost when need be.

I'm needing a lot of sumthin, sumthin so I am more then ready and able to get back to a full schedule of fun.   Here, in Albany and wherever life may take me.  You do know you can fly me to you also?  Or we can Skype!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


SPECIAL OFFER;  Until I head to Florida May 28th...$350 for an hour for returning friends I have seen within the last year.  

Six inch steel stilettos. 


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