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Hello My Naughty Boys,

Not a lot to share and the weather has definitely not improved.  But what has is the parade of wildlife outside my "office" slash dining room window.  Songbirds of all sizes and colors and of course squirrels and chipmunks galore.  All nibbling away on black oiled sunflower seed.   It's a free show and an absolute delight to me.

Biz...not so much.   I've had many calls, texts and emails but it seems we've entered an age where no one wants to be screened.  Mistakenly thinking they are safer from arrest/trouble/scams by not giving any information.  Of course the folks who do want to cause them harm.....never screen.   They want to make it as easy as possible to do bad things to them.

I do love and need to work.  While I don't begin to think that you can't find good gals other then Anneke in Albany I do know there is no one else like me who offers the wisdom, experience and variety of options that I do.  So guys....I do need some lovin' and I've given all returning friends that I've seen in the last year $50 off of time together this month of May until I leave if you return. My hip is fine!!!!!  

Enough of that.  I had a little fender bender yesterday.  Thankfully a VERY minor scrape, trying to avoid running into slammed on brakes in front of me on the Northway.  I went right....unfortunately, there was someone else in that lane that my eye did not see.  She has a tiny scrape, paint mark on her left rear wheel well.  Me....some paint.  But I got a ticket for improper lane change. 

Oh well,  better that then slamming into the back of another car.  Thankfully, I have a great insurance company and the damage to her car is tiny.  But she was young and she insisted on sitting on the Northway on the side of the road in commuter traffic.  We should have gotten off to a safer spot.  Something the trooper had us do immediately.  Now I have a ding to my insurance AND a ticket to pay. A bigger ding to my ego as I haven't had an accident  or any kind of incident in many years. 

Oh little trip for raw clams at Reel Seafood went out the window.  I went to Price Chopper and made spaghetti with white clam sauce instead.  In the end I had my clams.

Skype has been a blessing this week and I have a new friend I'm meeting tonight for an adventure.  LOTS of time today and tomorrow if you'd like to get naughty.   The sun is trying to peep out so I'm thinking it's a good time to get outside and take a nice walk. Have a fabulous weekend if our paths do not cross. But I hope to see you soon!

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Yesterday...before a Skype Session.  

Thursday...playing dressup.  Fun being able to wear my sexy boots and heels again!


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