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Hi Peeps,

I began this last evening.   Rainy, chilly day.  It started it with the trip I never made to Home Depot and At Home on Thursday.  Then PT at noon  lunch out, next an old friend for some afternoon delight.  I'd say that was a good start to my weekend.  Especially after a stellar day Thursday. 

On Thursday I had a series of errands and wound my way around Colonie, ending up in West Albany and Krug's Farm Stand for more flowers for my patio.  Alexx has used them for years but it was my first trip.  Gorgeous, healthy looking plants.

I only picked up a couple of things, then headed home to get ready for a 4pm playtime with a young hottie from further downstate.  He was absolutely adorable but neither of us had a lot of time to linger.  He had to get back to work and I had the date.

For once, I didn't dress Albany conservative.  After all, I had a hot date  on my arm who didn't care what anyone thought.  I wore my black cold shoulder dress you've see a zillion times, down to there and up to here.  But it was cold out so I had to wear a warm coat over that and tall boots.  He loved it!

I took Lyft down and he was outside on his front porch awaiting my arrival.  Lord....even hotter in person than his photos and the perfect gentleman.  He showed me his apartment and then we walked to Washington Park for the Lark event in the tent.   It was a charity function to help boost Lark Street businesses.  It's Albany's trendy little area close to the Capital and the Mall.  But it seems everything struggles here in this town.  

Beautiful food, champagne, jazz group and beautiful people of all ages.  The Albany I remember when I was married and the ex and we used to partake in the Albany social scene.  Then the parties were crazy and the place was a lot of fun.  DUI laws and Rockerfeller building the mall and wiping out the downtown neighborhoods ended that center for fun as folks moved out to Colonie and later north to Saratoga County.

So it was great to see that there still is a core of people who care.  I think my date knew them all.  I was introduced to so many people, state senators, etc.  We laughed when I said,  "Don't be surprised if someone comes up to you in the future and says, "do you know who you were with and what she does?"   

We had  a magical night and we hope to meet again soon as our schedules permit.  At my place.  He has a very protective dog so I wasn't about to .....well, you get it.  I don't need animal teeth marks on my butt.  But I sure wanted to play.

He's a hunk!  Nuff said.

I'm finishing this on Saturday afternoon.   I had an early start as I headed to Kingston to help my Sis at a craft show.  She has a little Etsy wreath biz.   It's the least I can do after she took care of me for 13 days out of her own life.

I left early and picked up my son for lunch and to bring him back to help her break down her booth.  Too many steep stairs for me right now. 

Then up the Thruway and I cut over to 81 and then picked up 32 to stop at Story's nursery.  It's been a cool and windy but gorgeous day.  As I continued north on 32 I saw the field of flags in the pics below.  I just had to stop and take a pic.

I will be home  the rest of the day and evening if you want to indulge yourself.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Friday afternoon, yep, 5" heels. I look a little serious but I'm really happy to be heading to the playroom. 

Greenville, NY

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