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Hello Darlings,

Written yesterday.  Sorry, I was having so much fun it didn't get posted until Thursday morning. 

The sun finally appeared this morning.   It's 64 out now.  Things are looking up for the temps in days ahead.  I looked at Tampa and there's an unhealthy air quality alert.  Which means the pollen count is probably off the charts, the humidity is high and so is the temperature.  Not great for those of us with asthma.   Or pets and old people outside.

Let's face it, there's no perfect place to live.  You just have to make the best of wherever you are and decide you'll be grateful for what IS good about that place.'s kind of dead.  And it's certainly very conservative.  But it is easy to get around and I'm convenient to the crossroads of two major interstates. And I love my little pied a terre and the patio garden.  I just saw a bunny hop by.  That's a first.  Last year this time there was a black bear in the complex.  I'm hoping he forgot how to get back here.

Yes, it's getting better and busier.  I am also.   And I hope the same is true when I'm in Florida.  While I'm always amenable to short notice IF I know you I'm not always sitting at home.  Certainly not in full makeup and perfectly styled hair.

Yesterday one such request appeared and I said yes but all I had time to do was to shower, prep, dab on a litle makeup and a sheer robe and thong before he walked in the door.   It takes time to be "put together perfectly."  But he was happy and we had a fun little romp followed by a light body rub for him.  NO I am not a CMT so please don't ask for a professional massage.  I am not licensed and you know who will nail you for doing that if you are not.  But a little after care is always available.  Just don't expect Helga, the Swedish delight pummeling you into the bed.

My last Thursday night date and I have kept in touch and today he joined me for a little lunch, prosecco and afternoon delight.  He's a wonderful lover but we've found we're just as content learning about each other.  Of course, we were naked most of the time we were sharing our lives.  Really enjoying his company and more. GREAT kisser!

He arrived with fresh flowers because he is a gentleman.  One of that rare breed that has managed to survive.  I'm not going into detail but we'll spend time together again.  He's  a  rare find.  Well, I am too. It's very cool. 

Tonight is a new friend who loves exploring his feminine  and submissive side.  I bought a lovely wig yesterday and if he makes it, despite his plane being delayed...I'll doll him all up.  He's thrilled to be able to be able to do this.  Not many partners are agreeable to do so.  It will be a crazy evening and fun!  

My life is never boring and it's also good.

Your VERY  Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GI:F.


Older pic but I didn't hink you'd mind. 


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