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Hello My Naughty Boys,

It was 51 and sunny this morning when I awakened.  I sleep in a darkened room so when I walked into my dining room/office the sun was beaming through my windows this morning.  After so many days of dark and dismal weather it was a most welcome sight!  It will get close to 70 today.

I've had an awesome week.  I know that word is SO overused but it's true.  Business has been what is always was in Albany and it seems I've finally turned the corner.  I don't think I'll be away in Tampa too long to have everyone forget me again. Of course, the same can be true for Tampa.  

It's always a possibility when you tour too often.  The local guys stop looking for you and it never occurs to some of them to check your calendar.   Thankfully some do.

I've added downtown Chicago to my upcoming tour schedule.  I'll be there July 7-10.  Opening day at Saratoga is the 11th so while it's up in the air that I'll attend as I have a date that night....I want to be back when the racing season begins. 

London is still tentative for September 8-15.   Fingers crossed.  Boston?...I've added Waltham in October and then on to Providence, RI.  I want to see Waterfire again.  I have my hotels already booked.  Dates on my calendar. 

It's my thinking right now that I'll leave Upstate NY late October or early November and work my way down through the Mid-Atlantic states and visit cities in the Southeast.  Where and when?  I haven't decided yet but feedback for solid interest would be helpful from you boys.

This time,  I will come back to Albany during the winter for a few days periodically.    It's an easy trip on Southwest.  Price Chopper delivers groceries and Uber/Lyft can take me where I need to go.  I'm not going to disappear for months on end this winter.   But Thanksgiving and Christmas will definitely be celebrated in Florida.  

I have a nooner today and then I think I'm heading up toward Saratoga this afternoon.  I haven't been up in quite a while.  Just driving around the little city makes me smile.

Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Straight hair for a change.....but still kinky!

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