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Hi Darlings,

It's been a very good week.  The weather here has been like a roller coaster.  Nice days, monsoons, 49 this morning with the heat going on and then warming up to a perfect 73 with 50% humidity later.  Still, not bathing suit weather just yet although our pool opens today.  I won't be dipping MY toes in that freezing water!

Tampa is supposed to be in the mid-90's all next week.  Perfect weather if you are a nudist.  Oh wait!  I am!

I love going out on my tiny 4th floor patio that overlooks the pond and the fountain each morning. Even though the fountain is way too noisy.   Thankfully it doesn't go on until 9am.

A gal pal from Florida stayed with me Wednesday night and will stop again tomorrow evening.  She's here for a family weekend, heading back to Florida Monday morning.  We went out to dinner all dolled up Wednesday night and the regulars at my haunt about dropped their teeth when two big blondes walked in the door.  It was fun seeing their responses.  And she LIVES to flirt.  Me...I'm circumspect just because of my profession because I know that some KNOW who I am.  The Lyft driver heading to the restaurant did.  Then kept hinting he lived close by and I should love my neighbor.  Creepy!  From now on I'm only going to give the building number for pick up. 

It's been a mixed bag of delights this week.  GFE, PSE, Fetish, Domination and this afternoon/night will be personal play time.  My new beau is coming to spend some time with me.'s still going.  We're both being very careful not to screw up a lovely friendship.  And commumication is key.   If something bothers...say so. So far, I can't think of one thing.  

Tampa is starting to have inquiries and requests for adventures.  But it was the usual hassle trying to get an Eros ad posted.  This morning it finally went up.  I began the process Wednesday.  Very frustrating!  But Slixa, RSAVS, P411, Eccie, Mature Sensual, Tryst,  Erotic Monkey, Switter, Twitter all have had ads and postings well in advance.

YES....I have to pay for at least 5 of those.  So, when you start asking for discounts for a session with a gal, please don't. Then add the plane fare, hotels, meals, cabs, etc that any touring gal has to shell out before she ever has an appointment.  And there's no guarantee he'll show up.  Which is why a lot of top notch providers are asking for deposits.  Me....I do for dinner dates, multiple hours and overnights.  It's business sense. Luckily I have a Florida home and don't have to pay for a hotel. Much more to my liking.'s designed for seduction.  Something few hotels ever achieve.

I'm  excited about today and tonight.  He is such a hunk and seems to be a genuinely decent human being. 

Life is good.  And I appreciate each and every one of you!  Come and get seduced!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



Dinner Date Thursday Night                                           Friday night...bathrobe and Netflix after a session.





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