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Good Morning From Steamy Land O Lakes, 


Yes, I made it here Tuesday afternoon.  For a few moments I thought I might not.  We were on approach and just about to land at TPA and the pilot aborted the landing and climbed.  We all looked at each other and said, "oh s---".  It was a while before the flight attendants announced, "Sorry folks, we've either had a problem at the airport with wind shear or traffic.  This happens all the time. The pilots are a little busy in the cockpit and we'll get back to you."  Which they never did.

I'm thinking the landing gear didn't lower, there was wind shear on the ground as we were being buffeted heading down or we almost ran into another plane.  But I looked back at the seated flight attendents and they weren't getting ready for a crash landing.  So we headed to south Tampa, still climbing, made a huge circle, headed north again and finally landed for real.   I had a big martini when I got home I"ll tell ya'. 

Other then that, it's been a great week.  It was 97 when I stepped out of baggage claim and 30% humidity. In otherwords, like an oven.  Unusual this early of the year.  

Up north we stay in all winter.  In Florida we stay in from May - November. But Tuesday evening I went to my group and it was lovely.  One of the beauties of Florida are the warm evenings.

We had a great group session and we're  planning to meet again June 25th.  I'll be back in Albany so it will be via Skype again.  It's been so encouraging to see the growth in the folks in the group.  And I know all the hard work we've put into Creating a Bug Free Mind works.  Once  that virus, we called nutters is cleared out and the mental baggage we've all carried around for years, the worries and fears for what might be are gone life changes.   It's a beautiful thing to live in the now and be at peace.  But we still have to do the work so it doesn't creep back in.  The ego is powerful. 

Yesterday I had an early appointment for my hormone pellet.  Then on to Steinmart for some sexy but tasteful summer clothes, then Publix for groceries.  My dear friend here has lent me her new car for most of my driving needs.  It's all blinged out to her exceptional taste.  It's a sedan with a longer wheel base then mine, so comfortable and has me thinking that maybe I'd go that way instead of a used Cadillac when I return to Florida in the fall.  Oh....nah.  That red CTS, 6 cylinder, is on my creation list. 

Now lest you think I'm too boring  I'll tell you about my wild assed night last evening.  A young gentlemen had reserved a long adventure.   And sent a deposit.  He confirmed in the afternoon and said he was coming to me.  Yeay!  My favorite type of date.  My placed is staged for seduction.  

A bit after 7pm the gate rang and I let him in.  I can see your car as you come around the bend and I further directed him to me.   I waited, just outside my door to wave hello when he stepped off the elevator.  (It's one of the few places in the world where you can stand outside scantily clad and no one blinks an eye.)  

He was adorable!  I kissed him and we went inside to be locked in a long embrace.  Both of us were turned on immediately.

I poured a glass of water for him, a kir royale for me.  I try to ease the nervousness that some feel when you meet a new gal for the first time.  I've always found some light conversation and touching with a kiss or two help calm the nerves and get the party started.  We chatted a bit and started to make out.  The sparks were flying and I suggested we go to the boudoir.

Four hours later, and four happy endings for him (I lost count and had to keep changing towels) we'd exhausted ourselves.  In the best way possible.  Our final foray was a long hot 69 position with he on top.  I chased the result down with a big sip of Prosecco.  He laid gasping and after another long pillow talk time we decided we were properly spent.  As we kissed goodnight I asked him not to forget me and said I would NOT forget him.

Life is good.  I'm really enjoying this Florida hiatus.  Come see me Tampa! Or I'll visit you with advance notice.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,



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