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Hi Naughty Boys and Freaks,

I can say that. I am one.  It was 90 today with 55% humidity.  Rare.  It's usually 90/90.

I slept in...I'd gone to the club last night and while it was dead I ran into DEAR friends and spent time catching up.  Then my Albany beau and I talked until 3am in the morning  Yeah....it's working. 

I slept until 10am.  Did things online and then went out for errands, lunch and headed down to the pool around 2:15.  The heat index is high so I knew I didn't need to be IN the sun long.  Plus I was covered in 30-50 suncreen.

I ran into friends again...those who Lady Femina and I used to hang with.  If you are wondering... she and I are done. Long done.  So those of you in Ireland who still associate me with her.....over.  I don't need to say another thing.

After we all were pruney in the pool I sat myself under an umbrella and fried the bottom half of me.  In the pool, we fry the naked top half. 

Then I went into the inside bar...sacreligious as they've closed the outside  highly popular bar months. ago.  It was the quintessential Key West bar. The perfect place to sit on a towel naked.  

In the air conditioned inside cafeteria style bar I ordered a martini.  They use a jigger and pour the Ketel One into a short plastic cup for $15.  No wonder the membership here is below 700.  In the day it was 7,000 and there were 60,000 coming through the gates annually. 

What a come down.   All the food from the kitchen it pre-cooked.  No  service ...no thanks.

BUT....it's been a good trip.  I'm rested, feel lightened and have energy abounding.  Obviously I needed to get away to something different and my other home.  So it's become a vacation not so much a working vacation.  And I miss my guy.

However, I am so happy to be here in this moment in time and I'm not going to miss a minute of joy while I am.

I may film Monday night and I AM meeting with a craftsman who builds fetish equipment in the morning.  He's coming over to assess the playroom for a smaller, wall mounted St. Andrew's cross.  I found out my playroom renters for the Memorial weekend used the restraints tied onto the king sized bed and want to come back.  Ha!  That was the plan!

It's not in the rental pool while I'm here. I LOVE having a king sized, canopy, chrome and black leather  bed where we can be naughty.

Seems to right doesn it? 

Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Fetish Goddess and GILF,





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