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Hello My Naughty Darling Boys,

I returned to Albany, without incident thankfully Thursday afternoon.  My son was house sitting so he picked me up at the airport.  In my absence he finished the flagstone addition to the left of my patio.  It is beautiful and it cost me nothing.  

It's a perfectly lovely day today. 76 now and heading to 79 with low humidity and a high pollen count.  Oh well!

I brought my son back to my sister's  Friday morning.   I had an adventure scheduled for the afternoon.  A returning friend and we calculated it may have been as long as 4 years ago.  I LOVE it when old friends come back.  It's the highest praise in my book!  And it's comfortable and safe.  Our romp was GFE.  The hugging, kissing, playful kind of fun.  We have that "chemistry" when our lips meet.  Yummy!  I don't think I could ever just offer Fetish and BDSM sessions.  I love all the erotic options to play. 

And then I started to feel yukky after he left.   Something I ate or drank just didn't like me and I took a little nap and drank ginger ale.  A heard a text and another  past friend said hello and asked if I could play later.  I was feeling better and since I knew my yukkiness had been food related and not something contagious I agreed.  It was late, after 10pm by the time he arrived and I was feeling normal.  Thankfully.  He's a gorgeous tall drink of fit water, all tan and  a little submissive.  I tied him up and had my way with him.  Ending with him having his way with me.

Not  bad  for my first full day back. 

I was awake at 8 this morning  to be ready for a 10am Skype Fem Domme session.  Pics of my attire at the end.  It was hot and fun....ending with me turning around, bending over  for the camera and showing him my......well, you know what.  That did it!   Bada bing, bada boom!

Errands today,  maybe a visit to my local Cheers for a VERY bland lunch and then who knows what.  My new BF and I have planned to spend the day together tomorrow.  

All in all....a wonderful return to my Upstate NY home after a restful AND naughty trip to Florida.  Chicago friends...my gut says don't visit the beginning of July, the 7th-10th so that's  coming OFF my schedule.  So sorry but my gut is never wrong.  And my guardian angel is saying....too much LE then.  Not worth the risk.  I'll head over another time and let you know here well in advance. 

Life is good!  

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend,


Friday.....new outfit. 

Fem Domme Skype Session 

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