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Good Saturday Morning My Friends,

It's absolutely gorgeous this morning.  60 upon awakening but warming quickly.  So quickly I was able to take my coffee outside to perform a Summer Soltice ritual.   Summer is officially here!

I love the little rituals of the new and full moon and the seasons.  It helps me keep short account of the situations and people in my life.  Casting off the negative,  focusing on the present and all of which I am grateful,  creating what I need for the future and letting it happen, instead of worrying.  A unproductive emotion that benefits no one.  

It was a good week.  While the weather was mostly rainy and quiet until Wednesday I was able to organize my bills, and receipts, something I procrastinate about all the time.  

I've reorganized my closet, my lingerie drawer, cleaned the house and now it's time to clean it again.  Life's cycle.

Wednesday a long time friend drove 2 1/2 hours to spend some kinky time with me.  Our chemistry is off the charts so he always plans for a long stay.  We have martinis, appetizers, catch up while he relaxes and then head into the boudoir for mind blowing adventures.  Now and then we take "a break" for a drink, he a cigarette on the patio and then it starts all over.  He arrived at 2pm on Wednesday and left at 10am on Thursday morning.   Every muscle in my body knew what we'd been up to.  But that's the good news.  I could.  Except for just a couple of positions...like cowgirl leaning over.  I'm able to do most of what he and I wanted.  Several times. Thankfully I had the pads and the towels down or we would have been sleeping in a very wet bed.

Earlier in the week I'd had another long time friend visit and he'd never experienced Lake Anneke.  I warned him but when it overflowed the banks he reacted in a way I'd never seen.   He sputtered and gagged and ran to the kitchen sink.  Coughing and carrying on as if he were dying.  I'm not laughing here, I was concerned.  And that set the tone for the rest of our time although I brought him back and said,  "let's start over."   I never want anyone to have a bad experience and while he was polite when he left, I doubt I'll see him again.  Although I wrote, apologized again and offered him a little consideration for a return visit.  

So now...I'm very hesitant to let go.  I don't want a repeat.  But thankfully, my friends since have no qualms and enjoyed those rushing waters. 

Thursday evening my gal cousin and I went to 15 Church in Saratoga.  It's supposed to be the top restaurant in the Capital district.  We enjoyed the atmosphere of the indoor bar and went up to  the rooftop patio for dinner.  It has a ceiling that closes when it rains.  Very clever.  Would I return?  Absolutely.  Very creative and  cool place.  Next time, I'd prefer to have dinner inside.  Classier and quieter.  But it was fun watching the Saratoga who's who intermixing with each other on the patio. 

The cutest thing happened yesterday.  I'd gotten a request for a date with a new to this scene fellow.  And he sent of pic of himself in a nice suit and tie.  He had a full beard.  

So when he walked in the door,  6'3", slim, in biker gear,  real leather chaps, Harley t-shirt. boots, do rag, his beard braided I couldn't believe it was the same guy.  Oh, did I say handsome?   It was the shock of a lifetime but a good one!  We had fun and I hope he'll return.   He's a businessman who loves his bike.  And dresses appropriately to ride it.  One skid with the wrong attire can peel the skin off your body.  When he drove away he was wearing a helmet.  Smart and sexy guy all the way around! 

Last evening I had a swinger's dating site cocktail meet, close to my place.  Interesting guy and we shared a bottle of Prosecco and some order in sushi at my place after.  I do not....the first date.  We'll probably get together again.  Where was the hunk?   Working.   It's our arrangement and I'm not sitting on the shelf even though I enjoy any time I spend with him.  

What's up this weekend?  A bunch of errands today, admin, pay bills this morning, spray tan, yoga, groceries, the usual stuff.   I might just stop at Reel seafood later for raw clams or some place else.  It's a beautiful day and I just want to get out this afternoon and enjoy it.   Right now it's free so just give me a little notice if we've met and you'd like to play.  New friends....advance notice, screening, still a must.  10 am to 10 pm.  NOT at 3 in the morning by text or any means.  NO texts anytime if we've never met.  Sorry. 

De-criminalization did NOT pass this session of the NY State legislature.  Marijuana use did. While that doesn't affect me I'm glad to see it happened.  Hopefully our profession will be next.  Until it is.....screening will continue.  But it probably always will as I'm concerned about who walks through my door just as much as if they might be you know who.

The fight continues and Life is good!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Yesterday before my dates. Yes!! High booties!



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