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Hey Babes,

I slept in and had coffee on my lovely little patio late.  It's 82 and only 50% humidity.  Sometime this afternoon I'm going to walk over to our gym and do some weights.  

I have a Skype session scheduled for 10pm tonight but I think I'll head to my fav Italian place for a light dinner and jazz beforehand.  I'm finding I have to get outside or out.   It's too pretty to be in all the time.  

Unless my feet are in the air.

So as one thing comes to an end, it seems the Universe had already decided to send more my way.   I have a date last evening with a young GQ looking guy.  Smart, ambitious, classy and there was that ZING when he kissed me goodnight after he walked me to my car.   A new playmate for sure.  

The hunk is an episode of fun memories but gone.  Oh, I had a few days of having my ego bruised but I'm on the mend.  I learned a year and a half ago that lust is way different then being in love.  I wasn't.  We were having a great time, enjoyed the connection,  the going out, lalala but I noticed the shift and within 10 days....he was absent without leave.  Thankfully, I'm older and wiser and happy about the fun we had and can honestly accept it's time to move on. 

I'll never understand why folks just can't say....it's not working for me rather then disappearing.   I gave him that opportunity but he just couldn't do it.  Oh well.......next.   Just for fun!

So many other good things are happening in my life....the weight is finally starting to melt away,  I feel great, I'm doing more physically, business is good and that Red Cadillac CTS is going to appear eventually. 

But probably in Florida.  I won't buy another car in the Northeast.  I will have to buy a car that's had it's residency in Florida.   If you decide to do that for me, bear that in mind.  No salt in the winter. 

Twitter members are growing fast and furiously.  It's obvious they lifted the ban.  Does it impact business?  You bet and it's free.  All I invest is my time.  

So...it's time for the gym...then lunch,  get gorgeous, errands and an earlier dinner and jazz.  The young one for fun is ready and waiting. 

I'm always ready and waiting for YOU!  Life is good.

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


PS....Syracuse....I'm thinking of visiting you for a couple of days.   

Sunday......at our pool.  Yes, bathings suits required. :-(

My happy place. 



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