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Good Day My Darling Boys,

Another lovely summer morning on the patio. It's 78 with the hunidty at 64%.  Rain is forecast this afternoon.  That will help take the pollen count down.

I have a hummingbird feeder next to my patio and I keep it fastidious for them but they still don't seem to like it.  I saw one this morning fly by, look and keep going.  Sort of like hobbyists.   There is so much talent out there....young, beautiful, tight bodies and guys don't know where to go next.  I hope you will remember you have a mature, naughty friend here in Albany upon occasion. 

I get it....as I'm attracted to younger too but not always. One 60 something in Florida really turned my head last December.  But he kind of disappeared.  Although he's reappeared so we'll see.  Another in May this last trip to Florida.

My two latest dates have been in touch but I'm just not in the mood for that at the moment.  YOU?  I'm always in the mood.  I don't have to get emotionally  involved either.  We can have a great time, catch up, play, play again and then I can kiss you goodbye.  It works for both of us!  

BUT I am creating the list for a companion/lover or companions/lovers in the way I should have in the first place.  If I can do that for my business there is no reason I should not for my personal life.  

It's a long list.  I've decided the universe can find that needle in the haystack.  We all deserve the best in our lives!

Kind of a quiet week.  I have a fetish adventure this evening. I've had a quickie with an old friend, some Skype and phone sessions.  It is all good. 

One of those sent an Amazon gift card for a Skype session.  A VERY generous gift.  For some time I've had a zebra cowhide rug on my wish list there.   Yesterday I realized that I could use that gift card for that rug and wouldn't you know not only did they have one it was on sale.  So it should arrive tomorrow.

Which kicked the creativity into gear.   I don't have a dungeon here.  I have not wanted to make the boudoir a dungeon.  Many of you who are friends have absolutely NO interest in fetish fantasies or BDSM.  It works for me too.  I love the variety this life provides.  

But....I do have this next to useless dining room that I really only use for an office.  I've talked to Alexx, he's also an interior designer, and we agree that I might think about making it an adjourning dungeon to the living room.  Now my little grey cells are spinning, thinking of all the possibilties.  How? For starters just put the furniture for sale on Craig's list.  It's where I bought it all in the first place.  Outside of La Domaine in the Berkshires I don't think anyone in Albany has a dungeon.  At least not on Eros. Theirs is a real basement dungeon so if you are really into hard core domination that's the place to research.  I mean...hard core.  

I'll have my son build the St. Andrews cross and perhaps a spanking bench.  Or I might just use a chaise lounge in lieu of a spanking bench.  Or a throne chair, combination queening chair.  You can google what that is. The possibilities are endless.  

I'll keep you posted.  I just have to figure out a place for a little office.  It may wind up in the hall but I so adore being able to look out my dining room room window at the patio and the birds.  Any suggestions are welcome.

That's about it.  Who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring.

I'm most cognizant and appreciative that my health is great while my brother's wife's is not.  I'm hoping to see them tomorrow.  It's a very challenging and sad time for them.  All I can do is be there if he needs me.

If you have your health and your zest for life that is everything.   For me, life is good and we need to be thankful for each and every day that comes our way.  I am!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Fetish fantasy about to come true.  

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