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Hello Darlings,

It was 82 and 73% humidity outside when I opened the door to my patio.  Fortunately it's not in the sun.  Why I have a shade garden.  There is very little sun as I face Northeast.  Of course, that keeps the place cooler.  

The 4th was quiet.  I did NOTHING.  No fireworks, nor did I watch them on TV.   Just one of those punky periods in life.   The last two weeks have been very slow and I was starting to get antsy.  No matter that ever since I've entered this profession I've always paid my bills.  Maybe down to the wire but I have.  I have to remind myself of that.  And of course, true to form....I did.  Squeaking in under the wire.

I honestly have to chuckle how that seems to happen more then I'd like but why should I be any different then most of the rest of the planet?  99% of us are NOT in the 1%.

So....after several days of nothing I had two Skype sessions and two advenutures just yesterday.   Years ago that would have been every single day in Tampa....sometimes 3-4.  But times have changed and there are so many more absolutely stunning women in this business.  Of all ages.  

Of course, stunning doesn't mean good service but it can.  IF you do your homework.   IF the same person in the photo answers the door. 

I've heard of that bait and swtich tactic happening to some of my friends and in most cases, they stay, out of guilt.  The smart ones turn around and leave.   If it's not the same person in the photo you have nothing to be ashamed of in doing so.  They were the ones who committed the scam.  And I'm sorry to say if you are seeking an asian girl on one of the backpage clone sites you can almost be guaranteed she will not be the person in the photo.  The pimp/mob writes the ad and I've seen the same beautiful girl in ads all over the country.  Please...be smart and get off those awful sites.  Just google the girl, phone, etc.  There should be an internet trail if she's real and if she's not.  Use the big head, not the little one in choosing.

Me, I'm thankful I have such wonderful and faithful friends here and in Tampa.  And in other cities I've visited over the years.  We're all getting older and sometimes knowing you're being well cared for with someone  you trust is just as important as that high from meeting someone new.  And why can't you have both?  Of course you can.  That's the fun of this.  Variety if and when you want it.  Works for me too ya know.

Next week looks good and opening day at Saratoga is Wednesday.  Many long timers are not going.  NYRA, the New York Racing Association has full control now and they've raised the prices, taken away the perks that horse owners used to have and become heavy handed.  Many are turned off.  I probably will not go Wednesday.  But I will...just not sure when.   I would love to share a day at the track with you.   I have some of my favorite hats here. 

For those who know Saratoga there's good news...the old Tradewinds restaurant is now the new Panza's.  I'm hopeful that I'll get to experience their new location.

I've straightened up the place, watered the plants, getting ready to fix me up and I'm going out for lunch and exploring.  Not sure where but it's a good day to do so. 

Life is good!  Enjoy this summer Fourth of July weekend!

Your VERY Naughty Girlfriend, Goddess and GILF,


Trixie and Boom Boom

PS.....THANK YOU TO MY ANONYMOUS BENEFACTOR.  My birthday isn't until August 9th but the gift is very appreciated now. 






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